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20-04-03 The Shutdown School - An Update

Stoke Primary School

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Head Teacher





Mr M Ascroft

024 7645 1724

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3rd April 2020


Dear Parent s and Carers


Thank you for your support as we moved into the school closure period.  I hope you have all started to find a new routine for your days and are safe and well.


Over the past week we have been working hard to provide you all with information to support your children, support those families with an essential need for the Shutdown School and to organise food parcels for our families that are entitled to it.


The school Family Team have also been working hard to stay in touch with some of you.  These telephone calls are to check in and see that you are ok.  On occasions we have been able to help with specific problems.  I am grateful for this hard work ensuring everyone is safe and well.


I hope you have all been accessing the website class pages for information from your teachers and I know the school Facebook page has had both school specific information and more general ideas of things to do posted on it.


Thursday next week would have seen the end of term for us all and the start of the Easter Holidays.  On Thursday we will post some fun things to do beyond the curriculum for you and your children.  During the Easter the staff will have their holiday period and so the level of communication will reduce.


I will be writing to the families that are entitled to food support with more details about how our school strategy will continue to evolve over the coming weeks.


Our Shutdown school is moving to a Hub provision from Monday and so will not be based at Stoke for the next few weeks.  For those parents this effects a letter will be sent to you directly.  If the circumstances for any of our families changes and you need to access this emergency support, please email the school office with your details and they will contact you to discuss further.


I would like to thank all of you.  These are difficult days with a sudden change in how we live and function.  We are here to help as best we can and will continue to do so.  If there is anything you specifically need please contact us on office@stoke.coventry.sch.uk .  The office team are monitoring this regularly, although over the Easter period this may reduce they will seek to forward any specifics to the necessary people.  Thank you for your ongoing support for your amazing children.


Finally, I would like to thank the staff who have adapted so well to the circumstances we have and I know through the emails and discussions how focussed they are on trying to find ways to help you.

Yours sincerely


Mr Matthew Ascroft

Head Teacher