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This is the poem we created in class based on the poem 'The River' by Valerie Bloom

The Storm


The storm is a runner

It never stays still

It can speed up or slow down

And even goes up a hill.


The storm is a boxer

It puts up a good fight

It remains undefeated

by day or by night.


The storm is a washing machine

It goes round and round

It pulls into the middle

Things it finds on the ground


The storm is a fighter

And it's never completed

His job is not done

It still remains undefeated


The storm is a thief

When he comes at night

He takes your belongings

When you are sleeping tight.


The storm is a monster

That can light up the sky

It can scare you a lot

When the flashes pass by.


The storm is a stealer.

It never brings stuff back

When it gets caught

It reveals its pack.


The storm is a healer.

Bringing the rain

The rivers are flowing

Saving the people from pain


The storm is a giant

An ungrateful beast

People lose their homes

While he is having a feast


The storm is an axe

It blows and flows

Chopping down trees

Everywhere it goes.


The storm is a loud speaker

It makes a booming sound

It roams the streets

Going around and around