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Mental Health and Well Being

Stoke Primary School is committed to ensuring that all members of the school community have strong Mental Well Being.  A key factor in our approach is that Well Being support is the responsibility of a team not an individual.  We have two teams in school; the Mental Health Team and the Youth Mental Health Team (Find out more about Youth Mental Health here.)


As part of the approach, a team of 5 staff have been trained in Mental Health First Aid.  They are 

Matthew Ascroft - Head Teacher

Lucy Pater- Deputy Head Teacher, Senior Mental Health Lead (qualification pending)

Rhiann McGarrity- School Business Manager

Rebecca Fenlon - Family Team

Carla Lapworth - Nursery Teacher and EYFS Lead

Vicky Noone - Assistant Head Teacher


Within a review of provision by Coventry City Council, the report stated 


"Mental Health and Emotional Wellbeing Provision 2020

The school have 9 members of staff trained in Mental Health First Aid. This is an exceptional number of staff for a Primary school, and therefore will hugely benefit all the pupils who require additional support quickly and appropriately. This is especially important after the current pandemic which may have had a detrimental impact on children’s mental health."


Please follow the link to our Mental Health and Well Being Intent Statement here.


Please follow the link to our Mental Health and Well Being Policy here.