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23-11-17 Newsletter

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17TH November 2023

Dear Parents and Carers,



What a week – such a lot to celebrate! Children are being awarded with certificates for great perseverance and for demonstrating their STOKE values.  It is always a joy to hear the reasons they are being celebrated ranging from demonstrating kindness and empathy towards new children starting mid-year group to finding solutions to problems that enable them to succeed. Our children are 100% awesome!! We celebrated Ricoh’s achievement in winning the attendance cup this week with scoring over 96%. Still room for improvement so please, please ensure your child is in school everyday and on time to give their house team the best chance of winning next week!


Leaders have been popping in and out of classes this week and have seen such awesome learning, effort and attainment. We continue to see children go from strength to strength evidenced not only in data but anecdotally with personal achievements. Our learning qualities are evident across the school and children are proud to share how they have persevered, challenged themselves, focused, explored and reflected. We love to see them and their peers then celebrating!!


Parent and Carer consultations

Hopefully you have signed up for a slot on class doors (or completed the slip if in year 5/6) but a reminder that these are after school on Monday 20th November and Thursday 23rd. It is important that you attend these so we help each child reach their full potential.


Year 6 children (and staff!) are certainly persevering on their Shakespeare plays soon to be performed at the Belgrade theatre. We cannot wait to see their performances and really value how hard they are working (children and staff!)



  1. Thank you for not riding electric scooters on the playground and for ensuring children are able to arrive and leave school safely. Thanks also for ensuring children are collected by responsible adults and only siblings if they are in year 9 or older.
  2. Please continue to support your children by hearing them read and signing Boom reader four times a week. This makes a huge difference to their progress
  3. Our next SEND coffee morning is Wednesday 6th December, please feel free to drop in for a chat.
  4. Previously worn uniform is available on Thursdays from 3pm in main office. Do pop along.


Wishing you and your children a happy and safe weekend.  Thank you for your ongoing support.

Kind regards


Lucy Pater  

Deputy Headteacher