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21-07-20 Whole School Letter

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Wednesday 20th July 2021

Dear Parents and Carers,

We have made it to the end of the year and what a year it has been.  We are all immensely proud of the way the Stoke community has worked to over come the consequences of the pandemic and school closures.  Our children have been brilliant as they have responded to the challenges they have faced. 


Working within the bubbles this year we have been able to enjoy some highlights, classes spending full weeks out in forest school, all the children enjoyed the Never Taught Before topics prior to Christmas and with the curricular flexibility we have had has enabled teachers to really focus on the key skills that will make the most difference within a broad curriculum.


We have been able to end the summer term with bubble Sports Days and Fairs.  Whilst we are disappointed that you were not able to join us for these, the children enjoyed both events.  We have also been very lucky to be able to get our Year 6 children on their residential to North Wales.  It has been a wonderful few days for them right at the end of their Stoke journey.


Alongside the thanks to you and your children for working so well with us to limit the impact of Covid we must also thank the staff team.  The site and cleaning team have kept school clean and safe for us all, they have responded to every new expectation and maintained the hard work to ensure safety for all.  The office team have responded to the need for remote communication and have worked to update and develop systems to keep school running smoothly.  The Family Team have worked all hours and through holidays to make sure all our children are safe and supported.  Finally, the teaching and LSA teams have adapted and responded to all the changes and adaptations this year enabling remote learning and working hard once children returned to school.  We are immensely proud of the way this has worked to make the best of a turbulent year.


At the end of this year we will be saying good bye to some staff.  Mrs Grewal will be leaving us as she takes her teaching work more local to where she now lives.  We will also be saying goodbye to Miss Kuznik and Miss Dawson.  They are both heading off to Australia for adventures abroad.  We are also saying goodbye to Miss Sloan from the Office team as she seeks new opportunities.

Transition week gave us an opportunity to meet new staff joining Stoke.  Miss Joyce had a great few days in Year 1 and Miss Hughes has really enjoyed getting to know the new reception children.  Mrs Taylor who has been working this year in year 6 has now become a full Stoke team member for next year.  Miss Russell who has been completing her training and working with us this year has formally joining the staff team.


Tomorrow we say goodbye to our year 6 children.  We are proud of them all as we say good luck in your new schools.  They all have so much potential and we encourage them all to dream big and then keep chasing those dreams.


We hope you all have a good summer break and we look forward to the children returning on Monday 6th September at 8:45am as we return to our exciting new plans and topics.


Yours Sincerely


Mathew Ascroft

Head Teacher