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What we are Reading in the Classroom


As apart of our reading lessons and wider curriculum children will read texts and books that cover the categories below:


  • High quality, authentic texts that engage children and ensure good progress.

  • Supporting texts that enrich the children’s reading experience.

  • A mix of modern and classic texts that reflect our literary heritage.

  • Tales from a range of cultures.

  • Traditional tales in every year group.

  • Texts that support a range of writing genres and make meaningful links to the wider curriculum.

  • A range of quality fiction, non-fiction, poetry and visual and film media.


We are developing a read aloud spine to meet the needs of each year group and to ensure children are exposed to wide-ranging reading experiences. 


Reading Lessons


Children in Reception and KS1, have guided reading lessons in small groups that are closely matched to their reading ability.  They have a mixture of adult-led and independent, skills focused lessons that teach decoding and comprehension.


In KS2, children have whole class reading lessons.  On two lessons each week, these lessons will focus on the class text and teach skills through the text the class are sharing on a daily basis in story time. For three lessons each week, teachers will select carefully linked texts  or extracts that fit with wider topics to teach  skills focus lessons.  


Reading skills:

  • Understanding of vocabulary
  • Retrieval
  • Inference
  • Decoding
  • Sequence/ Summarise
  • Explain
  • Prediction