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23-03-24 Newsletter

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                                                                                                                                  24th March 2023

Dear Parents and Carers,


This week children have been exploring topics such as Africa, the Romans and ‘the frozen kingdom’ They have enjoyed handling artefacts and applying skills to help them gain new knowledge. Please do ask your children about what they do at school and encourage them to share their learning with you. I do acknowledge that not all children want to talk about their day and just need to relax but hopefully you can find a time when they are willing to share their new knowledge with you!


We are trying to promote a sense of pride when it comes to their environment, encouraging children to tidy after themselves and ensure rubbish ends up in the bin not the floor. As we strive to do our bit for the planet we are investing in new bins so the children can see that rubbish (such as plastic, cardboard and food waste) can be recycled. One class will win an edible prize for earning the most ‘pride points’ at the end of next week!


Attendance Results; Week ending 17th March


House Attendance Winners

Belgrade – 89%

House Least Lates

Belgrade – 1 late

Class winners

Otter – 96.8%

Daily 100% winners

Dragonfly – 1 day

Mouse – 1 day

Hedgehog – 1 day

Otter – 1 day


A reminder that Government Guidelines state all children’s attendance is to be 96% or above. Well done to Otter class! Overall attendance wasn’t the best last week; there were a lot of children off with illness. You may be asked to provide medical evidence so we can authorise your child’s absence. Evidence can be: Proof of a GP appointment, a doctor’s note or showing us prescribed medication.


If you’re worried about your child’s attendance or punctuality, please pop in any Monday afternoon for a chat and cuppa with Rebecca Fenlon (Family Team) and Jeni Watkins (LAAO).


Thank you for your ongoing support: 1 more week before the two week Easter break. Every second counts!!


Kind regards



Lucy Pater

Deputy Headteacher