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21-01-06 Reception Letter

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Wednesday 6th January

Reception Home Learning

Happy New Year!

It was lovely to see many of you yesterday as we delivered the home learning packs and thank you for your patience while we came up with a plan that will hopefully be successful for all children, whether they are at home or in keyworker provision at school.

The government has made it clear that during this period of home learning we must ensure children are continuing to make progress with the Early Years curriculum and that whether they are in keyworker provision or at home, children will have the same learning experiences.  This is tricky in Reception, as much of our time is spent in ‘active learning’ using the resources in the classroom and outdoors, however we have come up with a plan which enables children to cover all of the key aspects of our day, but with time for additional free play at home.  We understand that it may be difficult to manage all of the activities with other responsibilities at home but there is an expectation that children will be supported to participate in their learning where possible.

In school, we would normally have 4 key teaching sessions- curriculum (theme), phonics, maths and story time.  We will be providing these for you to complete at home.  All resources will be accessed via our class page on the school website.



Each day, starting today, we will add a theme resource to look at or watch with a short activity to complete in the morning, a phonics lesson showing our new letter taught that day, a maths activity with an activity to complete during the afternoon and then on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays we will be holding a live zoom catch up and story session for all children to join in with between 2-2.45pm each day.  We are going to trial this as a whole year group, today (Wednesday) at 2pm.


Please follow the link below to join the story session a few minutes before 2pm. You can join from a phone, laptop or tablet but will need a cameras or webcam. As you join you will go into the virtual waiting room and will then be admitted by the teacher at 2pm. Please make sure your camera is on so we can see who we have joining us and rename yourself as your child e.g. Sam.

Join Zoom Meeting


Meeting ID: 518 958 4181

Passcode: 5rJ0Yp


In addition to the lessons on the website, it is important that children practise writing their names, cutting, counting etc, regularly as these are important skills that we need to secure.  There are worksheets in the pack that can be used to support these skills.


Really important bit…

We need you to send in photos of the work that children have completed, so that we can see how everyone is getting on and evidence children’s learning in their journals.  This can easily be done from your mobile phone or tablet.  Ideally, there will be a photo of the morning and afternoon task emailed into us each day at some point. Mrs Haines and Miss Dulai will be using the Reception@stoke.coventry.sch.uk email address throughout this school closure period for gathering work but also as a point of contact, if you have any questions.


Yours sincerely


Mrs Haines and Miss Dulai