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20-12-17 Reception Letter

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Thursday 17th December 2020

Reception Half Term Newsletter


Dear Parents,


We have had such a busy half term and we wanted to share with you some of the children’s highlights. 


Our Learning So Far

Some of the children’s learning highlights include;

  • Completing phase 2 phonics and beginning to recognise the letters and blend them to read simple words.
  • Improving our fine motor and pencil control skills, with lots of children now writing recognisable letters and their names.
  • Using our communication skills to talk about our families and the celebrations we share.
  • Developing our co-ordination and footwork during P.E. lessons and practising these skills in the outdoor classroom.
  • Working hard to think about how we feel and how our actions affect others.  We have been trying hard to be good friends and involve everyone in our play.
  • Finding out about the first Christmas and creating their own Nativity, including writing the script together and creating our own costume hats.


Next Term

Next half term we will be starting our topic ‘Winter Wonderland’.

Some of the learning experiences we will have include;

  • Exploring the changing seasons and what it is like to be outside in winter.
  • Developing our communication skills to talk about what we know or have found out.
  • Developing our understanding of similarities and differences and challenging ourselves to make links between the things we know and what we find out.
  • Finding out about polar animals using our explorative play, books and researching on the internet together.
  • Writing, drawing and painting about our experiences and beginning to use phonics to read and write words that can be read by ourselves and others.


We will continue to send home weekly home learning activities and will be introducing weekly raffle prizes for children who are reading three times at home each week and recording a comment in school diary.  We are also looking forward to starting Show and Tell- letters about this will be sent home after Christmas. Whilst children are at home, please continue to practise reading and phonics using flashcards,  as well as independent dressing, including zips and buttons- this will make a big difference when we start back after Christmas.


We look forward to seeing you all in the New Year and wish you all a Merry Christmas from the Reception Team.


Kind regards,



Mrs Haines and Miss Dulai

Reception Teachers