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21-02-12 Whole School Letter

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12th February 2021

Dear Parents/Carers ,

Half term is here and whilst it has been a very different few weeks, we want to say thank you.  We have seen some truly brilliant work from children both when working from home and from those children able to attend lessons in school.  Over the past weeks we have seen staff sharing great learning moments with children when using Zoom for small groups or during one to one moments such as reading.

We are very grateful to all our parents who have found the way to support and make the different opportunities possible.  We all know this is challenging but have been able to see the difference that it has made to your children.

Alongside this we are very grateful to all the staff who have adapted, and developed the new skills required to provide the range of opportunities that there have been.

We know that the end of lock down is not here yet and so after half term we will be back with more lessons on the website and more Zoom opportunities. We are all hopeful that as soon as possible we can let all our children return and get Stoke back to the school it should be, full of our amazing children.

Despite rules and controls please have a good week next week, a break from the routine so that we can resume lessons from Monday 22nd February with new energy.

Take care to you all.

Yours sincerely


Mr Matthew Ascroft

Head Teacher