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Mathematics is essential to everyday life, it intertwines many other disciplines and is critical to science, technology and engineering whilst being essential for financial literacy. The national curriculum aims to ensure that all children develop fluency, mathematical reasoning and competence in solving increasingly sophisticated problems.


At Stoke, we aim to achieve this by fostering a sense of enjoyment and curiosity about the subject. Children learn core concepts through use of the concrete, pictorial, abstract (CPA) approach and this ties into White Rose Maths mastery and deep learning.


Children are given the chance to understand and explain what they’ve learned by ‘doing’ first of all, using concrete objects. Developing children’s mathematical vocabulary is key to this and all lessons drive the use of accurate vocabulary and maths displays are built around this so that they become a crucial element of the learning.


To plan lessons the teachers follow the white rose overview. The yearly overview for each year group suggests the teaching time needed for every block of learning. The Autumn, Spring and Summer sections are split equally into 12 weeks comprising 11 weeks of blocks followed by a week of consolidation. The objectives in each block are broken down into a series of carefully planned small steps. Teachers teach the content in the suggested order as the step sequence is designed to gradually develop children’s understanding. Teachers then adapt planning as necessary to meet the needs of their pupils. To see the small steps your child will be following in each block, please visit your child’s year group page.

Long Term Plan and Small Steps Examples