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21-11-01 - First Fundraiser

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1st November 2021

Dear Parents / Carers,


Last half term, Year 2 learnt about Africa, in particular Malawi. We are very lucky, to have been able to make a link with a school called Hope Foundation School. Year 2 have learnt a lot about the children that attend this school and have even written a letter to them!


The children have become passionate about helping these children, who are mostly orphans and have very few material possessions. If the children at the Hope Foundation School were ill or injured, they would have to sit on that back of a bicycle for up to an hour, whilst someone peddled their way to the nearest hospital. Last year, Mrs Brooker set up a fund-raising page and raised enough money to buy them a motorbike – how amazing!


Hearing this has inspired Year 2; they have made a huge list of fund-raising ideas and wrote a letter to Mr Ascroft, asking if this is something that they could help with. The children in Owl and Kingfisher classes have now shared their information with the rest of the school and now everyone wants to help. This is a new, whole school, fund raiser! We started off wanting to buy the children some helmets for their new motorbike, but it has since grown to wanting to provide the children with books and even a library! We’re thinking big!

For more information about The Hope Foundation School, you can follow their Facebook page. I have also attached the link for the Go Fund Me page.




Our first fund raiser will be held on Friday 12th November and will be a ‘Dress Up’ day. Your children will have discussed this with their own teacher and each class (or year group) have decided on their own theme. Please see the chart on the next page.


Each child can come to school in their fancy-dress outfit. In exchange, we are asking each child to bring in £2. There will be prizes to be won for the best dressed!


This will be the first of many, fund raisers for the Hope Foundation School.

Thank you for your support.

Mrs Morris

Year 2 Teacher


 Dress Up Day. Friday 12th November - £2 per child


Book or movie character



Year 1

The Human Body (doctors, nurses, dentists, skeleton, parts of the body)

Year 2

‘Great Fire of London’ (Fire Fighters, Bakers, Soldiers)

Year 3


Year 4

Archaeologists (linked to Egyptian’s topic)

Year 5

‘Out of this world’ (linked to Space theme)

Year 6

Dress as a colour