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23-05-12 Newsletter

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12th May 2023

Dear Parents and Carers,


Well done to our year 6 children who have completed their SATS tests. We were impressed with all those children who demonstrated an ability to challenge themselves, persevere, focus, explore and reflect during them. They then celebrated at the park! Great to see Stoke learning qualities in action!


You may hear in the media about year 2 SATS. These are not the same as year 6 SATS and we work hard to ensure children do not see this as a stressful thing. They know they get booklets to have a go at but these only form part of our assessments of how well children have achieved and are used to add to our understanding of what their next steps are. Please do not put pressure on children about these, they will not be sent home with pass / fail or even percentages of attainment. Our main aim at Stoke is that we foster our love of learning in our children and a desire and curiosity to find ways to be the best learners they can be.


Please remember we have a selection of previously owned uniform available in the school office on Thursdays at 3pm, please do pop up if you require anything.


We have an exciting mile post project in school at the moment where we are creating a huge mile post that points in the direction of all children’s home countries. This is already sparking lots of discussion as they cross reference where different counties are on the huge map. It should be finished after half term. It is going to sit on a huge compass which has also been a big point of discussion!


Hope you have a good weekend and we look forward to a full week in school next week.


Thank you for your ongoing support.


Kind regards


Lucy Pater

Deputy Headteacher