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Say NO to air pollution in Ball Hill


Stoke Primary School has been working closely with the local community, Warwick University  and Grapevine on a project to assess the level of air pollution in and around Ball Hill and Stoke.  During 2023 we have been working with the children to understand air pollution, its causes and possible affects.  Air monitors called Atmo and AirThings have been used in and around school to assess the quality of the air.


The Atmo machines have been carried by children on their walk to and from school.  These measure a range of air pollutants and provide an average air quality indication.


The AirThings are static sensors that have been placed around school, both inside and outside.  These also measure a range of air pollutants.


Air Pollution Workshop- Warwick University - July 2023


10 Year 5 Children attended an Air Pollution Workshop developed by Warwick University.  This was a chance to explore the causes of air pollution, the challenges we face in finding solutions and to explore the wide range of strategies being used at the University to support improved air quality.


For many of the children this was their first experience of a University environment.  One child commented afterwards "I enjoyed that, I can see myself coming to a place like this to learn."


Citizens Jury and Assembly -- September 2023


Over the summer of 2023 data has been collected from air monitors on Ball Hill and the school sensors to provide basis for a Citizens Jury.  This was our community chance to achieve three things

  • Share the outcomes of our Citizens Science Project
  • Discuss solutions to the challenge from a community perspective
  • Strengthen our understanding and thinking with expert opinion from the University of Warwick Scientists and Coventry City Council experts


The outcome from the Citizens Assembly is currently being prepared to be discussed with a team of Local Councillors.