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Autumn 1 - Deadly 60

Year 4 will be stepping into the shoes of fearless wildlife adventurers in our Deadly 60 topic, so get your binoculars and your notebooks ready as we delve into the lives of some of the most fascinating and dangerous creatures on our planet. From the treetops of dense rainforests to the depths of the ocean, we'll embark on a riveting exploration of the animal kingdom's fiercest and most awe-inspiring inhabitants. Most exciting of all will be the trip to Twycross Zoo, where the children will get the chance to get up close and observe many Deadly 60 animals! During this topic, Year 4 will journey to five continents exploring the wide range of mammals, birds, reptiles, and insects that we would encounter there, researching the different environments and learning about how animals have adapted to live there. To compliment this, our science focus will be classifying animals. In Writing, Year 4 will be putting themselves in the walking boots of explorers like Steve Backshall and writing their very own blog, creating a persuasive advert for Twycross Zoo and creating an informative non-chronological report on a chosen Deadly 60 animal!

Autumn 2 - Modern Europe

In this topic Year 4 will be taking an exciting adventure through Modern Europe, taking on the roles of intrepid European explorers. As they journey from the Mediterranean's picturesque landscapes to the rugged beauty of the Alps, they'll delve into Europe's geography and history. They will be conducting in-depth studies of European countries, investigating population, migration, trade and food production, honing their geographical skills by reading maps and analysing data. Adding a flavourful twist to their journey, young chefs in the making will create their own European-inspired dishes. This gastronomic exploration promises to tantalize taste buds and deepen cultural understanding as the children learn about the seasonality of unique ingredients from across the continent. In writing, Year 4 will craft an ambitious tale set on a night train traveling through Europe. This will enhance their descriptive writing skills, using rich vocabulary and exploring varying sentence lengths. Additionally the children will learn to use pronouns to replace nouns, enhancing the cohesion of their writing.  By the end of this expedition, they'll be equipped with advanced geographical techniques, improved storytelling abilities, and expanded culinary horizons, all while immersing themselves in the fascinating continent of Europe. So, grab your compass and prepare for an incredible journey across Modern Europe, as the adventure is just beginning!

Spring 1 - Inside Out

In the topic "Inside Out," Year 4 students will explore the wonders of the human body, focusing on the intricacies of the digestive system, the importance of healthy living, and types of teeth. Through interactive activities, they'll gain an understanding of food processing, following the journey from food to poo! They’ll learn all about what makes a healthy, balanced diet, constructing their own menu, and learning how to cook it out in forest school, providing them with key lifestyle skills. In writing, the children will be engaging in persuasive writing, debating whether children should be forced to try new foods, fostering critical thinking and communication skills. Elevating their persuasive abilities, students will craft letters urging Mr. Ascroft to embrace a healthier lifestyle, suggesting ways in which he can enjoy a healthier diet. In Religious Education, they'll delve into Buddhism, promoting cultural awareness and respect for diverse beliefs. During art, Year 4 will be drawing inspiration from Arcimboldo Giuseppe, creating pencil portraits using fruits and vegetables, learning how to show reflection and shadows in their pieces.

Spring 2 - Raiders and Invaders

In this captivating historical exploration, Year 4 delves into the tales of Raiders and Invaders, navigating the impactful moments of the Anglo-Saxons and Vikings that have left a mark on the British Isles. Transported back in time, the children will be budding historians and uncover the riveting stories of conflict, conquest, and settlement that shaped Britain. Immersed in Michael Morpurgo's retelling of Beowulf, the students will write about the battles and cultural clashes that defined these periods. The children will be aspiring journalists, writing a newspaper compelling narratives, bringing the grisly details of raiders and invaders to life. Shifting to narrative writing, the focus turns to the art of speech, learning how to use speech marks. The impact of raiders and invaders on settlements over time is examined, tracing the evolution of landscapes, cultures, and societies, fostering a deeper understanding of Britain's complex history.