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Teaching and Learning Addendum - Home Learning

Stoke Primary School
Teaching and Learning Policy Addendum
2020 -21
Home Learning
Core teaching and learning expectations are defined in the main Teaching and Learning Policy. This
defines that teachers have the responsibility to lead learning for their pupils in line with expectations set in the National Curriculum.


Stoke considers Home Learning to have the same requirements and we place teachers as the lead
practitioner in determining what support is required to meet each and every child’s needs in their class.


This policy will outline the range of systems used to support learning, maintain contact and ensure effective safeguarding is in place for all children who attend Stoke Primary School.


The Stoke team are very focussed on connecting with our families and will always seek to discuss challenges and find solutions where they appear. The home learning strategy has the required flexibility to enable adaptations and personalisation’s to be made where and when necessary.


Challenges in delivery
The Stoke community face a range of challenges as they seek to access home learning. These range from access to technology, access to broadband, family timetabling due to meeting challenges with multiple children and language difficulties for parents. Stoke Primary seeks to use a range of strategies to mitigate these challenges


•Lessons are predominantly pre recorded enabling access at any time

•ICT hardware distributed to support families – DfE supported system

•SIM cards distributed with free 4G access – Vodaphone


Communication is vital to the success of access. Teachers maintain a clear record of engagement to

ensure no child is missing from learning opportunities. If through communication there are hidden

challenges staff use the wider Stoke team (School Office, Family Team, ICT Lead) to minimise the impact these may cause and to seek to find solutions.



The curriculum will maintain a breadth and balance to it and comprise all core taught lessons (Phonics,

reading, writing, maths, science, topic).The provision within these subject a reas is outlined in the document Stoke Primary Home Learning Summary. The foci of teaching will be adapted to ensure skills being taught are appropriate for the home learning environment. Subject leaders will provide skills guidance to support all teachers.


This guidance advises focused taught pre-recorded lessons for phonics, reading, English and maths. Wider topics can be taught through mini projects.Reading is greatly valued at Stoke. During periods of closure regular opportunities to hear story telling are vital. Staff are to provide pre-recorded age-appropriate story telling.


Access to home learning is through the class pages on the school website. Links to videos and work pages will be uploaded each day.


Support for SEND children

The Stoke Primary Home Learning Summary document highlights key provision for children with SEND in phonics, reading English, maths and topic. Teachers will provide the required intervention support in

line with SEND targets and EHCP reviews.


Monitoring of provision

It is the responsibility of the teacher to ensure the learning environment (both in school and home learning) meets the needs of the children. Systems established in school enable triangulation of engagement levels for all children. The quality of provision is monitored by senior leaders and supported with advice and guidance.


Management of curriculum

All key documentation is to be held centrally on Stoke server to enable wider school access and understanding. These comprise the following-


•medium term planning

•lesson planning

•records of engagement

•contact information

•Intervention plans, strategies and systems



Children are to send work to their teachers via yearN_homeschooling@stoke.coventry.sch.uk

emails or through PurpleMash. Nursery children also have access to Tapestry.Teachers will respond to work shared with email feedback. Feedback will also be given during group Zoom sessions so that children receive one to one verbal feedback.


Teaching strategies to be deployed

Staff can utilise the following approaches to support effective learning

•Pre-recorded taught introductions to lessons

•Zoom contact

o One to one reading

o Small group discussion

o Intervention strategies for SEND and specific attainment need

•One to one phone calls

•Work packs where access is particularly challenging


Teachers will maintain a Record of Engagement for their class. The record uses the following key to

clarify the type of contact.


Code Meaning

S -   Spoken to a child for example, on the telephone

SP - Spoken to a parent (but not the child) for example, on the telephone

V -    Seen a child – for example, on Zoom or during a home visit

VP - Seen a parent (but not the child) – for example, during a home visit


Children who do not engage or do not send work are contacted in the following steps


1. An email is sent to seek reengagement and to check they are ok

2. A phone call is made to seek reengagement and to check they are ok

3. A request is made to the Family Team to support communication

4. A home visit is carried out if 1-3 do not achieve the required reengagement.


Concerns for the wellbeing or safeguarding of a child are to be raised immediately through the email


The safeguarding team is being strengthened from 20/02/2021 and will comprise the following staff.

•Matthew Ascroft–DSL

•Rebecca Fenlon, Michele Rowland, Anke Brooker and Vicky Noone–Deputy DSL’s


Mental Health Awareness and support

Stoke fully understands the impact Covid can have on staff and that this impact can be different for each  and every member of staff and our children.

Stoke has a team of trained staff to support the ongoing culture of the running of school alongside ensuring the right support is in place where people feel challenged. The following team can support both the day to day challenges we face as teachers and colleagues alongside strategy development where a child / staff member is struggling.


Mental Health First Aiders

•Matthew Ascroft, Anke Brooker, Victoria Noone, Carla Lapworth, Rebecca Fenlon


Youth Mental Health First Aiders

•Ellie Collins, Kirsty Lewis, Gary Bennett, Callum Morrow, Joanne Ward, Rhiann Morris


Support Documents

•Stoke Primary Home Learning Summary

•Teaching and Learning Policy

•Safeguarding Policy