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This is the poem we created with Emilie Lauren.

Our Tasty Buffet


Cold, creamy, pink, strawberry ice cream,

on a cone or in a bowl melting ice cream down your hand.

Chocolate chip cookies are as hard as a rock.

Hamburgers as juicy as a fat pig, the ketchup drooling down your mouth.

Cheesy noodles creamy as butter, noodles spicy like pepper

Noodles as long as a ribbon. Noodles as slimy as a snail.

Salad is a healthy food it has vegetables and cabbage that can make your body healthy.

Mac and cheese as cheesy as an extra cheesy large pizza, you can eat it in a bowl or on a clean white plate.

Oreo is the most delicious cookie in the whole world, it is tasty, pretty and really creamy.

Spicy noodles are really spicy they can burn off your tongue.

Yummy spicy noodle with pepper and sauce. Makes my mouth water! Any kind of noodle is delicious.

Butter is creamy and yellow in colour it is tasty with bread.

Delicious pizza is really round, yellow and cheesy it tastes like grilled cheese melting in my mouth.

Jacket potato, cheesy with butter and beans with a delicious inside

Burger’s round and in a smooth bun are exclusive and mouthwatering.

Cookies are crunchy like snow. Cookie dough ice cream is very delicious and it's so smooth like whipped cream.

KFC chicken is so good my mouth waters when I see it and I feel like I'm gonna pass out.

Spaghetti Bolognese is jaw-dropping. Creamy red sauce on long, thin, string like spaghetti.

Chicken nuggets are tasty like a burger.

Tasty chewy octopuses delicious a steak with butter drooling down your mouth

Donuts are mouth-watering, tasty, creamy and soft. Donuts are smooth and yummy. Hot spicy noodles that will be in shops.

Once it gets to the place that its meant to be it will be ready to be in your mouth.

Turkey is fat and juicy it has brown colours. It tastes yummy.

 I love chips they are so soft. I have it every day for lunch.

Salad is so good for you it is really tasty and   healthy. If you eat salad you get really strong.

Pizzas dripping with tomato sauce, pepperoni sliding off, Peppers crunching with fresh baked bread and super delicious mozzarella when eaten.