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Autumn 1 - Through the Ages

Back in time we go, all the way to the beginning! We will be exploring the lives of the people who lived in the Stone Age, Iron Age and Bronze Age and begin plotting these on a timeline. In Writing, we will be reading Stone Age Boy, writing instructions on how to wash a woolly mammoth and a diary entry as if we were from the Stone Age. In Reading, we will be studying Stig of the Dump, looking at the vocabulary used and gather more information about our topic through a range of lessons. The children will have the opportunity to take part in a Stone Age Day, the experience will be used to develop their knowledge of the Stone Age, particularly the lives of the people! In addition to this, the children will cover other aspects of these areas of history, including settlements and culture.

Autumn 2 - Rocks and Rumbles

This topic aims to deepen children's comprehension of natural disasters and their implications for everyday life. Year 3 will delve into the world of volcanoes, exploring their structure and functionality. The exploration extends to various rock types, where children will learn about their distinct properties.


Continuing the journey, students will investigate tectonic plates, focusing on the connection between volcanoes and earthquakes. The culmination of their learning will be the creation of a comprehensive 'Rocks and Volcanoes Encyclopaedia,' allowing them to showcase their newfound knowledge and understanding of these geological phenomena!