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Whole school attendance letter 26-09-2022


Your child's education is priceless!
Coventry Education Authority does not support holidays in school time. There are 190 statutory days in one school year; this leaves 175 days every year out of school time available for holidays.



Children of school age registered at a school, must by law attend school regularly.

Parents DO NOT have any right or entitlement to take a child out of school for the purpose of a term time holiday. In exceptional circumstances a head teacher may authorise a request for a period of leave of up to 10 days in any one school year.


Taking a holiday without permission from the head teacher could result in the issue of a PENALTY NOTICE. 


The Penalty Notice is for £60 per parent, per child if paid within 21 days and £120 per parent, per child if paid after this date but within 28 days.


Failure to pay the Penalty Notice could result in Coventry City Council starting legal proceedings against you for the offence of failing to ensure your child’s regular attendance at school.


In some instances children who take holidays in term time could risk losing their school place.

Encourage Your Child's Attendance


For more information contact your child's school or alternatively you can contact: -

Children’s and Family First (CFF) Team
Moat House Leisure Centre
Winston Avenue
Telephone: (024) 76786810

Your child's education is too important to take holidays in term time.


Every School Day Matters


The Law requires that pupils must attend their school regularly. Before taking a child on holiday please consider the following:


  • Request a holiday form before booking a holiday
  • The parent/guardian with whom the child lives should complete a holiday request form as soon as possible and return to school.
  • A decision from school will be given within 7 days – You may be required to attend a formal interview with the Headteacher.


The government recommendation is that the school attendance of every child should be 96% or above, if they are to achieve their potential.


Pupils who take 10 days holiday during term time can only achieve a maximum attendance of 94.70% even if there are no other absences throughout the year.




Consequences of taking your child out of school for a holiday:

  • Missing out on valuable school work - work will not be set for your child if they are on holiday
  • Settling in problems during the first term/year of a new school
  • Disruption in friendship groups
  • Difficulties a child may face due to having to ask for extra help to catch up
  • Your child may never catch up on school missed
  • Your child may return from a holiday to find that they no longer have a school place
  • Research proves that exam grades are reduced in proportion to the number of days missed



Before permission is granted to authorise holidays in term time the Headteacher must consider carefully:

  • The child's overall attendance pattern
  • Any holidays already taken in the school year
  • The reason for taking time off during term time
  • The child's stage of education
  • Time and duration of the holiday
  • Closeness to SATS