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22-10-21 - Nursery Information

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21st October 2022

Dear Parents,


It is hard to believe we are at the end of the first half term!  They have done so well to settle, coming in smiling and being busy in the classroom.  We are really pleased how well the children are engaging with the classroom and exploring the resources.  We are so proud of the progress they have made in such a short time.


Rules and Routines 

We have had a strong focus on establishing class expectations for behaviour and learning with a strong emphasis on praise and rewarding good choices.  Next half term the children will be learning about the school values.  When children show a good example, they are rewarded, and success shared with the class.


To support your child in learning about behaviour expectations in the classroom please support your child at home by ensuring you have simple boundaries in place and are consistent in your approach.  Show your child how to take turns with toys, asking them to have a turn with something they are playing with etc.  If your child is unkind to any child or adult such as hitting or shouting, it is important that you calmly explain that it is not kind or ok.   A suitable consequence such as having one or two minutes quiet sitting to think about this (supported) or a toy they are interested in removed for 5 minutes is appropriate and can have a positive impact on further behaviour.  After any consequence it is important to move on and look for positive behaviours to praise.  If you would like any further support with your child’s behaviour please talk to Mrs Lapworth to arrange a meeting. 


Our First Topic

Our first topic in Nursery is going to be all about Amazing Autumn, exploring colours, animals and the outdoors.  Over the half term break it would be great if you could visit a park or woodland area, collect leaves, sticks, conkers, acorns and bring them into school to explore with the class.


Family Photos 

Joining our Nursery you become part of the ‘Stoke Family’.  We have a family tree display in our classroom where we like to display pictures of all our children with their family.  The children really enjoy looking at the tree and talking about their family with their friends all year.  Please send in a recent photo of your child and your family to;


We would like to have our display complete with all our families by 4th November please.


Spare Clothes and Labelling

Please ensure your child has a FULL change of clothes in school, including socks and pants in a named bag.  Also please write their name in all their uniform including shoes, coats and water bottles to ensure children go home with their own belongings. 


Book Bags

All children need to bring a school book bag to school so we can send home some home learning.  If you have not yet purchased a book bag, you can do so from the catballou shop in town.  (https://www.catballou.co.uk/)

Nursery books are available to borrow and swap and will be placed outside the classroom each day.


Dates for your diary…


  • Monday 31st October- Back at school, don’t forget your Autumn items and your School Book Bag!
  • Tuesday 1st November 9.15am- Starting School in 2023 Tour
  • Wednesday 2nd November 2.15am- Starting School in 2023 Tour
  • Friday 11th November 10.30-11.30- Workshop with Mrs Lapworth, EYFS Lead

Supporting your child with developing positive behaviour at school and at home.

(Adults only, please find alternative childcare for younger siblings)

  • Friday 25th November 10.30-11.30- Workshop with Mrs Lapworth, EYFS Lead

Supporting your child with developing speaking and listening skills.

(Adults only, please find alternative childcare for younger siblings)


All families must apply for their child’s Reception School place by 15th January.


Please remember to come and speak to any member of the Nursery team if you have any questions or queries, we are here to support you and your family in any way we can.  We look forward to working with you over the coming year.  


Yours Sincerely,


Mrs Lapworth


Nursery Teacher

Early Years Lead

Stoke Primary School