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21-01-11 Whole School Letter

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11th January 2021

Dear Parents/Carers ,

Thank you for your patience as we have moved back into a lockdown school provision.  Over the past week we have worked towards a system that meets the requirements set out by the Government.  We received their guidance on Thursday from which we were compliant and therefore able to continue running school the way we are.

Home school opportunities have been developed with the teachers reviewing their planning and learning expectations in line with what can be delivered remotely.

Each day classes will post new work through the website class pages -https://www.stoke.coventry.sch.uk/class-pages/ . Click on the year group and then the different subjects.  Teachers are providing short videos to explain what your children need to do and what is expected.  Please encourage your children to get up at normal times so they can check on the website.  Please then support them with a plan for how they can complete the work during the day.  The lessons will build through the week so make sure your child completes each daily step.

Reading is vitally important.  Classes have set up Zoom reading, which will enable either the teacher or the LSA to live link with your child to hear them read and share stories.  Teachers will have been in contact to explain how to do this. 

We are also providing a story sharing where teachers and LSAs are reading stories.  These again are very important giving your children chance to listen and enjoy age appropriate story telling.  Please make this a regular part of your day.

Teachers will provide feedback when work has been sent into school through the homeschool email address or through Purple Mash. Please use the home school emails for contacting your teachers if you have any questions.


The teachers have worked hard to transition learning into this format.  We hope your children both enjoy and benefit as they continue to learn.

Yours sincerely

Mr Matthew Ascroft

Head Teacher