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24-01-19 Newsletter

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19th January 2024

Dear Parents and Carers,


Another great week!


Yesterday Year 2 had a fabulous trip to the sea life centre in Birmingham. This has enthused and energized their thinking for their current curriculum work! They absolutely loved the penguins and tropical fish and engaged in some wonderful discussions. Just like Year 1 did last week, Year 2 also demonstrated their STOKE values and were a credit to the school and parents.


Reception have enjoyed some visits this week from a variety of mythical creatures! They will be very willing to share their experiences if you ask them so please do!!


Reception also enjoyed a visit from one of our ‘real life’ Governors! Mrs Timms spent some time talking to the children as well as observing their passion and thirst for new learning and skills. 


A reminder that this half term we are celebrating the learning quality ‘focus’ and are encouraging children to consider the characteristics of effective learning that enables them to focus well.


  • I concentrate.
  • I can participate in routines.
  • I can guide my own thinking and actions by talking to myself as I play/learn.
  • I can concentrate on achieving something that is important to me.
  • I can solve problems.
  • I can respond to new experiences when they are brought to my attention.
  • I can plan and think ahead about how I will use resources.


We continue to drive our STOKE values in all we do celebrating the ability to be ‘solution focused, truthful, optimistic, kind and empathetic’


Our Year 5 and 6 learning ambassadors met with Mr Pahal and I this week to share their thoughts on lunchtime sports. They were very kind and empathetic in their approach and enjoyed being solution focused as they explored their right to democracy!



A reminder to ensure children have coats (gloves and hats if required) during the colder weather


Thank you for your ongoing support. Have a happy and safe weekend. 


Kind regards


Lucy Pater  

Deputy Headteacher