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Writing at Stoke

At Stoke, we use elements of The Write Stuff approach as these support the children in their development of using effective language, and accurate grammar and punctuation. Teaching sequences fit between experience days and sentence stacking lessons. With modelling at the heart of them, the sentence stacking lessons are broken into bite-sized chunks and taught under the structural framework of The Writing Rainbow. Teachers prepare children for writing by modelling the ideas, grammar or techniques of writing. Using elements of The Write Stuff, children have a clear view of what high quality writing looks like. Pupils know how to improve their writing and make it more focussed while actionable feedback is provided to guide their learning.


We are also trialling a different approach to teaching Writing in Years 2 and 3 which incorporates aspects of the Write Stuff but allows wider opportunity for the children to develop their creativity. The teaching sequence begins with a 'cold' write based on a stimulus (where the children write with no support). They are then given individual targets linked to the focus objectives allowing every lesson to become more purposeful for each individual child. Lessons focused on these targets allow children to develop these skills and enable them to understand their own success criteria as a writer. The Write Stuff lenses and non-fiction shapes are used to support the children's understanding throughout the learning sequence. Experience days are included to support the children in developing their own ideas and build on their imagination. This also ensures that the planning stage is clearer and more detailed. The teaching sequence concludes with a 'hot' write which is marked based on the children's individual targets. Regular feedback is given throughout by teachers and peers to support in the children's success with achieving their target.


To see age-related expectations for each year group, please visit your child’s Class Page.


The Writing Rainbow
Examples of some Super Sentences the children have written