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Most recent Performance Data



Year 2 Phonics - 76% (delayed Year 1 screening completed in December 2021).



Year 2 Phonics - 69% (delayed Year 1 screening completed in December 2020).



No screening or SATs assessments.



Due to the Covid pandemic SATs assessments were not completed in 2019-20 and 20-21.  The data below is the most recent SATs outcomes for Stoke Primary School.


Key Stage 2 (2018-19)SchoolLANational
Average Score in Reading105104104
% ARE Reading 74% 75%
Average Progress in Reading2.3  
% ARE Writing83% 69%
Average Progress in Writing 1  
Average Score in Maths106105105
% ARE Maths79% 76%
Average Progress in Maths2.3  
Pupils Achieving Expected Standard in Read, Write and Maths69%62%65%
Pupils Achieving Great Depth in Read, Write and Maths5%7%11%


Key Stage 1 (2018-19)SchoolNational
ARE in Reading 66% (13% GD)76%
ARE in Writing57% (5% GD)70%
ARE in Maths71% (17% GD)76%
ARE in Read, Write and Maths52% (2%GD)65%