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21-02-24 Whole School Letter

Stoke Primary School

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Head Teacher





Mr M Ascroft

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24th February 2021

Dear Parents/Carers ,

I hope you have all had a good half term and despite rules had a break.

I am pleased we have had clarity from the Government and expect Stoke to be fully open to all children from Monday 8th March.  We are all looking forward to having all our children back.

Over the last months we have all worked hard to ensure we have a school that is as safe as it can be.  We have had our risk assessments reviewed by the City Council and Unions and each time the feedback has been good.

I am confident that as we review the guidance we will yet again have a school with clear systems that enable all our children to return safely.

Over the next week it is really important that you help your children get ready for the return to school.  Please can you all support with the following

  • Return to normal school day waking up times
  • Use the normal school day period for home schooling and communication with teachers
  • Make sure your children do some exercise every day, even if only for 10 minutes

We are already preparing for learning focus when your children return and will be working hard to support them back to where they should be.  We have hard work ahead but in discussions with all the staff we are very focussed on the next weeks and months, so time out of school does not affect your children overall. 

We need your support as part of this, so please talk positively about the return to school and support your children if they have any questions.  If you are not sure then encourage your children to contact their teacher through purple mash.

More information about exact systems will be shared next week.

Yours sincerely


Mr Matthew Ascroft

Head Teacher