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23-01-06 - Newsletter

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                                                                                                                                                          6th January 2023

Dear Parents and Carers,


Happy new year!!   It is lovely to welcome the children and yourselves back to school after the Christmas break. Children are quickly adapting to school expectations and trying to be their very best selves.


As a school, we continue to teach children about our STOKE values: to be solution focused, truthful, optimistic, kind and empathetic. Part of being solution focused is finding the right qualities to help when things are tricky. This school year we have so far focused on ‘challenging ourselves’ and ‘persevering’. This half term, we will be thinking about how to ‘focus’ noting the importance of good concentration.


The children have all worked with a real life poet this week and have produced some amazing poetry. There have been lots of inspired and enthusiastic faces about school this week! Please see the website for recordings of the children’s fantastic poetry performances. Many thanks to Poet Emilie Lauren Jones for spending two days with us making this possible.


Many of you found our previously used uniform shop useful last term, please do pop in to check it out.

Uniform Shop                           

What:Pre-loved uniform for sale

When: Every Thursday, 3:00pm-3:30pm

Where: The dining room (left of the main office)

You can buy pre-loved uniform for a donation.

If you have uniform to donate, please hand it in at the office.



Please help your child’s New Year’s Resolution to be in school every day and on time.


Here are some attendance reminders:


School starts at 8:55am. If your child arrives after this time, they are recorded as late.


If your child arrives late three times, any further lates will be recorded as unauthorised. This can potentially lead to you being fined.


If your child is ill, it is your responsibility to let school know on each day of absence. Please use the Studybugs App to do this. The Family Team may ask for medical evidence if your child is absent for a number of days.


Please be specific with why your child is absent. We won’t authorise absence for reasons like ‘feeling unwell’, ‘feeling tired’, ‘didn’t sleep well last night’.


If you don’t report your child’s absence, the Family Team will contact you. If they can’t contact you, they’ll conduct a home visit.


Please make all medical appointments outside of school hours where possible. If your child does have a medical appointment in school time, please bring evidence so the absence can be authorised. This includes GP, dentist, optician and hospital appointments.


If you are worried about your child’s attendance or punctuality, please get in touch with the Family Team who will be happy meet with you.


Thank you for your ongoing support.


Kind regards

Lucy Pater

Deputy Headteacher