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Hi 2SA!

You'll see that I haven't uploaded any work this week (don't get your hopes up-this doesn't mean you don't have to do any!) We're changing the way that we're doing home learning and so I'm going to phone all of your grown ups, tomorrow morning to explain.

Purple Mash 2dos and TTRS are still up and available to use, so you can carry on with those until I've called.

Enjoy your Sunday  - hopefully the sun is going to return this week!

Mrs Morris

2SA Weekly Learning Project - Week 10 (week beginning 15th June) - The Rainforest

Hi everyone,

I can't believe that another two weeks have passed since it was my turn to put the work up for you lot of lovely children.  And what a busy fortnight it has been - not only have I had a really wonderful big birthday but I have also been busy back at school working with some of the children who are coming in.  It is so fantastic to be back working with children but we are missing you all so much and will look forward to hopefully being able to welcome you back after the Summer holiday. 

We are thinking that some of you think it is already the Summer holiday and we are disappointed that  so few children are completing the online work that we are putting up for you.  There are still five weeks left of this term and it is really important that you continue with your weekly tasks so that you do not fall behind in your learning.  I know some of you have been doing other kinds of learning - baking, crafts, playing games with your families, learning how to ride bikes, walking in the countryside - and that is fabulous but you must also complete your school work so that your teachers in September will be able to teach you all the wonderful Year 3 work that they will be planning for you.

Well done to the children that Mrs Morris mentioned last week and I want to add the following children who I always see on Purple Mash completing lots of the online work there - Kai, Harrison, Joanna, Joshua and Ehan. yes I hope that the rest of you are filling up your blue home learning books with all of the weekly project work.  This week it is probably my favourite project as it is all about the rainforest and I love finding out all about the wildlife, trees and people that you can find there.  I am so interested in it that I am due to go on holiday to the rainforest in Costa Rica this Summer although I am not yet sure whether it will need to be postponed because of this horrible virus! crying

Have a wonderful week everyone - make sure you learn lots, read lots and have lots of fun!

Stay safe,

Mrs Brooker and Mrs Morris




2SA Weekly Learning Project - Week 9 (week beginning 8th June) - Sport

Hi 2SA!!

Firstly, I must apologise for not posting this earlier! We have been super busy, trying to help get the school ready for the reception children that will be starting soon. We both miss you so much and wish that you were coming back to us. It was lovely to be in school today and see how much has changed and how well everyone is preparing, to ensure that we can keep everyone safe when we open.

Home Learning - I think we have some children who think that they don't need to be accessing the home learning that we are up loading? Some weeks, we only have 4 children complete their TTRS homework? Come on guys! If you are having trouble logging on, you can email us through Purple Mash.

Massive shout out needs to go to Natnael, who is the ONLY child in 2SA to complete his home learning on TTRS every. single. week! Well done Natnael. We are so impressed with your dedication to improving your learning whilst at home. Another shout out must go to those of you who have only missed one week since lockdown - well done Ehan, Beatrix, Aicha, Joshua and Joanna.

Remember to send us your photos and messages on Facebook and Purple Mash, your messages really do brighten our days.

I hope you're still managing to have some fun and keep safe, even if the weather has turned slightly. This weeks home learning is all about Sport. I know lots of you enjoyed going to after school clubs and some of you might have even learnt a new skill during lockdown? Fun Fact - In 2012, I went to watch the swimming at the London Olympics. It was incredible! I have now realised that none of you were born then, so I will leave you with some ideas on keeping fit and go and have a little cry about how old I am! (Not as old as Mrs Brooker though who celebrates half a century tomorrow! First one to email me through Purple Mash to tell me how old Mrs Brooker is gets a shout out next week :-)  )

Lets flood Mrs Brookers inbox with birthday wishes, songs, photos and drawings.

Looking forward to seeing you all soon (hopefully)

Mrs Morris

2SA Weekly Learning Project - Week 8 (week beginning June 1st) - Space

Hi everyone!

Welcome to the new half term!  We hope that you have had a wonderful half term week and hope that you will send some photos of the things that you have been doing so that we can put them on here next week.  We have been so lucky with the weather - it has been lovely to be able to enjoy the sunshine.  I have been able to meet up with my daughter and have a picnic with her which was really lovely as I haven't seen her for so long.  Last week I was in school working with some of the children whose parents need to go to work.  It was so lovely to see some of my teacher friends again and to be able to do some activities with the children again.  Miss Collins was working in a different group to me so I got to wave to her from my bubble.  It was fantastic to see her smiley face again and to see that she was ok.  

So, we are now into the last half term of the school year and we are working hard to reopen the school safely for some of the children.  It would be amazing if we could see you all before the end of the year and hear all of your lockdown stories.  We're living through a big part of history here and will all have tales to tell in years to come.

Mrs Morris has been busily uploading more to dos on Purple Mash and we have the usual work on Times Tables Rock Stars.  I will set up a new tournament soon - it will either be girls against boys or 2SA against 2EC.  I would like one of you to choose which you would like - send me an email and I will do the first one that someone asks for.  Our home learning project this week is all about Space which is fantastic timing as something amazing happened yesterday.  Do you know what happened?  Maybe you can find out about it and send me or Mrs Morris an email all about it or even write about it in your blue home learning book.

We hope that you will have a wonderful week - remember to keep active as well.  I have bought myself some exercise equipment that I have put in the garden so once the sun goes down, I make sure I spend some time being active each day.  That's really important for our health.

Don't forget to send us your photos so we can start putting them on again next week.  Stay safe and we hope that you are all well too.

Mrs Brooker and Mrs Morris


Half term holiday 25th-29th May

2SA Weekly Learning Project - Week 7 (week beginning May 18th) - Environment

Hi 2SA!

Thank you so much for sending in your photos, it really does make us smile when we see the wonderful activities and super learning that you're doing at home. All photos (with permission) are added onto the schools Facebook page, but here are a few from this week. Special shoutout needs to go to Aaliyah, as she celebrated her 7th birthday in lockdown! We hope you had an awesome birthday Aaliyah and we're keeping our fingers crossed that we'll be able to see you and sing a special Happy Birthday to you very soon. Has it been anyone else's birthday during lockdown? Perhaps you can send us a photo or email, telling us how you celebrated? As always, please send us any photos through the 2email page on Purple Mash, or via Facebook Messenger. Your messages really do make us smile.

Congratulations to the boys who were this weeks TTRS winners! (again!) I've set another battle for this week - come on girls, let's see if you can beat them this time! Well done to everyone who is completing their Purple Mash 2dos, there's lots on there - keep working hard.

This weeks learning project is 'The Environment' - now I'm super proud of myself (and Lucy!) I told you a few weeks ago that we had planted some seeds and I wasn't very 'green fingered'. Well, we have just harvested some very tasty radish! :-) Maybe you can plant some seeds or think about the materials that you can recycle? Do some research into why recycling is so important and design a poster that we can display when we get back to school? I know some of you are going to really love this project and I can't wait to see what you come up with.

As always - keep safe, be happy and continue to work hard. We miss you very much.

Mrs Morris and Mrs Brooker

2SA Weekly Learning Project - Week 6 (week beginning May 11th) - Food

2SA Message - Week beginning May 11th

Hi all

We hope that you are all well and enjoying the return of the sunshine this week.  It has made our days to have been sent photographs of you busy being creative and having fun.  We've added a few here but it would be lovely to add some more next week for you all to see so please keep sending them either via 2Email at Purple Mash or through Facebook messenger.

Thank you for continuing to complete your school work although we were disappointed that only 8 of you completed your Times Tables Rock Stars challenges last week - that's an all time low.  We have set up another girls versus boys tournament - wonder if the girls will manage to win this week?

We have found some lovely creative activities that we thought you might like to try and have attached them below.  It would be amazing if you could send us photos of your creations.

We've had a busy week completing our school work - we have been thinking about ways to improve reading at school this week - and also celebrating the 75th anniversary of VE Day.  We have seen lots of flags and bunting around that children have been making as we have gone on our walks.  How did you celebrate VE Day?  If you still would like to do some VE Day work, you will find lots of ideas in the Children's section of the website - click the Special Celebrations tab.  

Our project work is all about Food this week - we can't wait to see your blue books full of all the wonderful work you have been completing!  Enjoy the different activities and, if you can, get baking or cooking at home with one of your adults who can help you.

Have a wonderful week,

Mrs Brooker and Mrs Morris

Creative Activities

2SA - Week 5 Learning Projects - Celebrations

Hello 2SA! I hope you're all keeping well and staying safe?

What a week! The rain hasn't made things easy here - Lucy was meant to go on a minibeast hunt, so instead, we made our own craft minibeasts and did an indoor bug hunt. It was great fun, although I didn't like finding slimy snails and colourful caterpillars around my kitchen! It's fine to adapt the work that you've been set-these are very strange times and we can only do what we can. We've still managed to get out for short walks (Lucy will only ride her bike now, so I have to try and keep up with her.)

It was lovely to speak to your grown ups, and some of you this week, myself and Mrs Brooker are missing you terribly, so it was great to hear how well you're all doing.

We've had some requests for poetry and science work, so I'm going to share some links with you for these.

https://www.booktrust.org.uk/ - for those of you who have read all the books on the Oxford Owl website and below I will add some questions that your grown ups could ask you whilst you're reading.


https://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize/topics/zjhhvcw  Some poetry for you to listen to, why don't you try and write your own? Remember, it doesn't have to rhyme.


https://www.dayoutwiththekids.co.uk/blog/easy-cool-science-experiments-for-kids On this website you will find 10 simple science experiments, using things that you can find around the home. I know Eddie and Harrison have been doing some experiments at home - check out the schools Facebook page to see Eddie and his skittles. Can anyone guess what might happen if you add water to a circle of bright skittles?


As well as these, I will add this weeks learning project, which is all around Celebrations this week. On Friday, it is VE day and so my plan for the week is to try and teach Lucy all about VE day, why we celebrate it and to make some decorations, so we can have a party on Friday! I know lots of streets are having tea parties on their drives and paths.


Big shout out to Joanna, Harrison and Archer, who managed to email Mrs Brooker before me this week! Well done guys, I must try harder.

Have a great week, and remember to ask your grown ups to take photos and send them to us via the Facebook page - we love seeing what you've all been up it!

Stay safe

Mrs Morris  heart


Lucy's Bug Hunt

Questions for grown ups to ask during reading

2SA - Week 4 - Monday 27th April 2020

Welcome back to the Summer Term!  We hope you have had a lovely Easter break with your families - did you manage to complete any of the Easter activities?  We have been busy completing assessments, reports and finding lots more fun, exciting work for you to complete this half term.  This week you will find the Week 4 Learning Project where, as well as the usual Maths, Writing, Reading and Phonics / Spellings activities, the project is all about animals.  We hope you enjoy this and can't wait to see some of your completed work.

For 2SA, there is additional work on Purple Mash where the focus is on Time, Statistics (Pictograms), Addition and Subtraction in Maths; there are also some Phonics quizzes to complete and we have also included a 'Create a Story' task - please don't rush this.  Your stories must have a beginning, a middle and an end otherwise we'll be sending them back for you to improve!  The weekly challenges are back on Times Tables Rock Stars - well done to Aicha and Natnael for already completing this before term has even begun!  There is a tournament between girls and boys again for this week.  Girls - can you take the crown back from the boys?!

I have really enjoyed getting updates from Mrs Morris about how her daughter, Lucy, is getting on and I have included a couple of photos so you can see what she has been getting up to.  Mrs Morris has also told me that Lucy has learnt to ride her bike without stabilisers - wow, how amazing is that?!  I know that we would all love to see photographs of what you have been up to you - remember that you can get your parents to help you send these via 2email on Purple Mash or they can send them through to the school facebook page.

We are really missing you all so please email us and send us your photographs.  

Enjoy your week of family times and home learning.  I've heard that the rain is on it's way back so I am writing to you from my garden today and looking forward to the rain helping my flowers to grow.

Mrs Brooker

Look at the amazing Lucy learning all about capacity using the recycling and doing the shopping for the family at the Morris Market!

Week 3 - Hi 2SA! We hope you’ve had a lovely time in the sunshine this week and are keeping safe. We had to dig the sun tan lotion out yesterday. It was so warm. Well done to those of you who have been on Purple Mash and TTRS-we love seeing your work. This week, I’ve planted lots of vegetable seeds. I’m not very good when it comes to remembering to water plants, but seeming as we’re at home all the time, I’m hoping that I’ll remember. I’ll let you know how I get on.

It’s now the Easter holidays (or should be if we were still at school.) We have left you a list of fun Easter themed ideas for you to do at home. I’m going to make an Easter wreath to hang in our window, next to our rainbow. Hopefully, it will brighten people’s day as they’re on their daily walk. We’ll be back on here Monday 27th, for some more fun filled home learning. You can still access Purple Mash and complete some more of your 2dos, or send us an email if you need us.

So, over the next two weeks, have fun with your family and stay safe.

Over and out.

from Mrs Morris and Mrs Brooker.


Home Learning

Well done to the boys! Who will win this week’s challenge? 🏆

Week 2 - Hi 2SA!

I can't believe that it's been two weeks since I've seen you all. I miss teaching you terribly, but I know that staying at home is keeping us all safe.

I see that some of you are using Purple Mash - not many though, only 10! This is a really good way to keep in touch (you can send, me, Mrs Brooker and each other emails-can you remember how?) and we have set lots of different types of work. I've really enjoyed seeing some of your animal paintings, car designs and your spelling scores - very impressive. Keep up the hard work.

I've been keeping myself busy, by trying to do the work that Mr Ascroft has set us (yes, we have homework to!) and looking after Lucy. Her new favourite thing is making obstacle courses in the garden for us both to do - have you done that? This week, Lucy has been set the task of making a 'Flanimal' - a made up animal. She has created a 'Girdpotamus'. It has the head and neck of a giraffe, the body of a bird and the legs of a hippo. I wonder if you could do the same? Maybe you could draw a picture and label it, write a fact file, make it (or its habitat) out of junk. Think about what it eats, where it lives, what it looks like, does it hunt? Let's see your creations! Ask your parents to take a photo and send it to our Facebook page, or send me an email, telling me all about it on Purple Mash. 

Enjoy the sunshine, make the most of it (who knows how long it will last!) but stay safe!

Mrs Morris heart

School closure week 2:  Hi again 2SA!  I can't believe that two whole weeks have passed since we were last in school together.  We hope that you are all well and are enjoying the extra family time that you are all having.  I've been busy in school this week working with the key worker children and sorting out food for some of our wonderful Stoke families.  It was lovely to see some of your parents this week and to hear that you are all working hard on your school work, getting on well and looking after each other.  Looking after each other is so important at any time but more important now as we are all spending more time together with our families.  Make sure that you are always being the lovely, kind children that Mrs Morris and I are used to seeing in school.

This week I have added the link to the Oxford Owl website where you can find lots of free ebooks to read at the book band that you are on as I am sure that most of you will have got through the two books that we sent you home with.

Well done to all the children who completed their Times Tables Rock Stars work this week - 16 of you.  I think you can get that into the 20s next week.  The boys are currently winning our tournament - come on girls - you have until Sunday!  I have sent more of you a rock slam challenge today - have a look if you can find it and take me on!

It's lovely to see all your work on Purple Mash too - keep it coming, it brightens our day to see your creations and to read your emails.

We are missing being with you all and are looking forward to being back in school with you - remember that you can email us on Purple Mash.  Until then, carry on working hard, looking after each other and enjoy the sunshine this weekend.

Mrs Brooker

School Closure Week 1:  Hi Year 2!  We hope you are all well, staying at home and keeping those hands clean!  How have you been finding the home learning packs? We can see that lots of you are going on Purple Mash and Times Tables Rock Stars - well done and keep it up!  
Keep a look out on our Facebook page too as we are posting lots of links to activities you might like to try. My favourite has been viewing animals in 3D - just type an animal into the google search bar and then scroll down to view in 3D. I’ve had a lion, a goat and a raccoon! Have a go - you can even post photos on our Facebook page - we’d love to see them!  I’ve attached a photo of when a lion came to visit Mrs Brooker! 😱

Enjoy the sunshine as well while it’s here - get out into your gardens if you can or make sure you are having some exercise outside. 

Take a look at when a lion came to visit!

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