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20-09-04 Whole School Letter - Welcome Back

Stoke Primary School

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Mr M Ascroft

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 4th September 2020

Dear Parents / Carers

It has been great to have our children in school again.  The children have come back with a real energy to learn and the preparations by all the staff are already working well as we assess the children’s skills to ensure we meet all their needs.  We are planning catch up support work alongside the core teaching work we have planned.

We have been really pleased with the number of children who have returned.  We have had 90% of the children back in class and are working to support the remaining children back.

The bubble system is working well and the children have quickly settled into new routines and school systems.  We are very proud of them.  Today we carried out a practise fire evacuation.  The children’s calm behaviour was exceptional and the evacuation worked well with the additional fences we have and bubble restrictions.

This week has been a strong start to term for many reasons.  Each day we have learned from the school systems and made improvements.

We are pleased with the morning routine of parents dropping children at the correct gate and then leaving via the front of school.  This has worked well and the children now know where to line up and what is happening so they are confident.  Please remember leaving quickly away from school site enables better social distancing on the pavement.

The collection at the end of the day was problematic at first and didn’t work.  We have changed this significantly with the children lining up well within the school site and being brought to the gates in small groups.  We also have different times, please check your child’s times and make sure you are here at the right time.  This system has worked much better and we will continue this.  I have attached a table at the end of this letter with the collection times.

Please remember we all have a responsibility to support Social Distancing and make sure we give each other space.


Main Gate


2.45 > 3.15

Year 1 and 2

Pavement Gate

Year 1 – 3pm

Year 2 – 3.15pm

Year 3 & 4

Lower Carpark

Year 3 - 3.05

Year 4 – 3.15

Year 5 & 6

Upper Carpark

Year 5 – 3.15

Year 6 collected 3.15

Year 6 walkers – 3.20


  • We have a collective responsibility to enable the safe departure of children
  • We all have a responsibility to maintain Social Distancing we are not able to facilitate siblings grouping



I hope you have all received a link to the new school APP.  This will make accessing information, letters and key dates much easier for you.  It also allows for letters to be translated into your preferred language through Google Translate.

If you have any questions please contact school by the office email, office@stoke.coventry.sch.uk  or telephone.



Key Dates for your diary

School Closed for Training on Friday 18th September

School Closed for Training – Monday 21st  September


Kind Regards


Mr Matthew Ascroft

Head Teacher