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22-11-17 - Coombe Abbey - Year 5 - 19th January 2022

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5th December 2022

Dear Parents,


As part of our learning in geography, on Thursday 19th January 2023, we will be taking Year 5 children to Coombe Abbey.  This will be an exciting trip where the children will be carrying out a river study!

Date:   Thursday 19th January 2023

Time:  Leave school at 9.15am and return for lunch

Cost:  £9.50 per child


**Children will need to bring wellies in a bag or they will get wet feet!


Payment will be via Pay360 (formerly SIMSPay) through Products, Trips, Coombe Abbey.  You may pay in two instalments.  Full Payment will be required no later than Wednesday 11th Jan 2023.


All children will need a packed lunch. If your child has free school meals, the school can provide a packed lunch or you may send one in with them on the day of the trip,   If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch.


Kind Regards


Year 5 Class Teachers ___________________________________________________________________________________


Name of child: ____________________________________ Class: ______

* I will provide my child with a packed lunch on that day

* I would like school to provide a packed lunch for my child.

Their choice of sandwich filling is: Ham * Cheese * Tuna * Tuna Mayonnaise * (Please choose only one)

 Signed: __________________________________________________ Parent/Carer