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24-04-08 Sad News

Stoke Primary School

Briton Road



Head Teacher





Mr M Ascroft

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                                                                                                                                   8th April 2024

Dear Parents and Carers,


It is with deep sadness that I write to you today to share news which affects our school community.


On Friday 5th April, the mother and father of one of our children died tragically. There is an ongoing police investigation, to establish the facts of the case.


Our thoughts are with the child at their time of loss and we will do all we can to support them in school. 


One of our strengths as a community is that we support one another, especially through difficult times. I am confident that we will do that now. 


Today, we have taken advice from the Council’s Psychology Service to ensure that we can talk about what has happened and support all our children in a developmentally appropriate way. We will continue to do this over the coming weeks and months.


We understand that you and your child may have questions about what has happened and that some of these may be difficult to answer.


We will do our best to answer children’s questions in a way which is honest, respectful and developmentally appropriate. We have provided some leaflets, which you can collect from the main office or access via the link below.  These provide advice on how you can support your child following a traumatic event.


As always, our doors are open if you would like to discuss anything relating to this incident.

Thank you for your understanding and sensitivity.


Kind regards,


Matthew Ascroft