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21-09-28 - Harvest Festival Letter to Parents Reception to Year 6

Stoke Primary School

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Head Teacher





Mr M Ascroft

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27th September 2021

Dear Parents and Carers,


Harvest Festival


This Thursday we have our Harvest Festival.  To allow us to all get together this will take place on the school field.  This does mean that if the weather is not good enough, we will have to postpone until Tuesday 5th October.  I confirm this now as the forecast is for a very mixed week.


We will open the gates to the field at 9.45am to enable parents and carers to come through to the field.  Staff will show you where to go and where to stand / sit.


The children will come out ready to start the Festival at 10am.  Each year group will share a song, poem or rhyme. It will be a great opportunity to enjoy our children and school, having been kept away for so long due to the pandemic.

Our reception children will also be joining us, but they will return to their classroom before the end of the festival.  We would ask that parents remain watching the rest of the school.  There will be chance to visit your children’s reception classroom and outside classroom once the Festival is over.


We are using this Festival to collect food which will then be shared with the Coventry Food banks.  Please remember to give your child an item of food, preferably tinned, that they can bring to their classroom in the morning.

Once we have shared the festival with you, there will be tables on the playground for you to enjoy a drink and biscuit with your children.


Over the past weeks the children have been working on their transition topics.  We are asking the children to decide what work they are most keen to show you.  After the Festival the children will take you round to near their classrooms.  Teachers will then let you in to the rooms to see the work and the classroom environments.  This can only be done in small groups so please be patient and listen carefully to the teachers.  We will be maximising air flow by ensuring the windows will be open.  Masks must be worn when inside the classrooms.  Staff will also wear masks when you are being shown around.  This is for everyone’s safety and respect.


I expect the morning to run through to about 11.30am.  We are excited about this opportunity and look forward to you joining us.  Please remember at all times we need to respect each other.  Please remember a mask if you would like to visit your child’s classroom.


Yours Sincerely

Matthew Ascroft

Head Teacher