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Lower Key Stage 2 PE

All children in lower KS2 have 120 minutes of PE time allocated in their weekly timetable and of this each child will engage in 80 minutes of fast paced physical development per week. After learning the basics in KS1 continuing with sporting activities allows each child to gain a better understanding of the game and could develop a passion for a particular sport which they may be able to pursue outside of school. Lower KS2 also start to participate in sporting events so early access to specific sports during PE will greater develop their skill and knowledge to compete more effectively. The more we can encourage joining after school clubs that we provide for free the more children are being active and improving physical well-being.

In year 4, we also add an intense swimming course with a local provider which lasts two weeks of the Autumn 2 term. The children will attend the pool daily for the two week period completing 5 hours of swimming lessons.


Our Lower KS2 PE Overview:

Autumn 1 - Ball Skills and Gymnastics

Autumn 2 - Fundamental Skills, Dance and Invasion Games

Spring 1 - Fitness, Dance, Invasion Games and Orienteering

Spring 2 - Fitness, Invasion Games and Orienteering

Summer 1 - Athletics and Striking and Fielding

Summer 2 - Net and Wall Games and Tri-Golf



Year 4 PE