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23-06-08 Whole School Letter

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8th June 2023


Dear Parents and Carers


Active Travel Week Update


During Active Travel week all of our classes have had time with Mr Pahal using their scooters and bikes.  This has given them a chance to learn how to use them, test their skills riding through obstacles and begin to understand rules of the road.


Some of our staff have also reflected on their transport choices this week.  Mr Delaney, Mrs Pater, and Mr McGarrity have been cycling from home each day and some staff have used the bus or walked to school, rather than a car.


It has been noticeable with so many children bringing their bikes to school, that Briton Road has been far safer with cars in the morning and after school due to their being less on the road.


As we are in the summer term, and the weather is appropriate, it would be great if you could consider leaving your cars at home and choose to walk, scoot or cycle to school more regularly.  Doing this is great for your children and if it means the roads are safer due to there being less cars, so everyone benefits.


Thank you for your ongoing support. And we hope many of you will choose to support us with this.


Kind Regards


Mathew Ascroft

Head Teacher