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23-07-21 Newsletter

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21st July 2023

Dear Parents and Carers,


What a great week it has been with more sporting fun, An Early years fashion show, Staff v Year 6 football, Yr 6 fiver challenge, Summer Fete and Year 6 celebrations.


The children have done us all proud demonstrating their STOKE values and learning qualities. Year 5 children sang to the year 6's summing up how we all wish them all the very best in their future journeys.


Each and every child has grown, progressed and has shone in their own unique ways. Here are the words of their song (to the tune of Go West by the Pet Shop Boys!)


Together…we’ve all got along

Together…we’ve learned right from wrong

Together…we have tried our best

Together…we have all been blessed.


Our friends … you are ready now

Our friends …it is time to wow

Our friends…it’s a sad depart

Our friends…you’ll stay in our hearts. 


Go now… it is time to fly

Go now… we must say goodbye

Go now…to adventures new

Go now…we will think of you.


Go now…we all think you’re brill

Go now…with all our good will

Go now…to adventures new

Go now…we will think of you.


Our friends you are ready now

Our friends it is time to wow

Our friends you must persevere

Our friends challenge far and near

Our friends focus all day long

Our friends explore and be strong

Our friends take time to reflect

Our friends celebrate once you’ve checked. 


There where you’ll start new plans

We wish we could hold your hands

But know that you’ll be just fine

Awesome and so very kind.


Thank you for your ongoing support and working with us to achieve the best for your children. Have a safe and happy summer. See you all on Monday September 4th.

Kind regards



Lucy Pater  

Deputy Headteacher