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20-05-22 Return to School - Letter to Nursery parents

Stoke Primary School

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Head Teacher





Mr M Ascroft

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22nd May 2020


Dear parents,


As we move to reopen Stoke, we are focussing on our youngest children first and will be reopening for our nursery children, hopefully in the week beginning 1st June 2020. This will be confirmed once we have had full permission to open from the Government and our Governors. 


Due to the disruption the closure has had we will reopen for the children in 2 smaller groups of 10.  The nursery will be based in the Reception classroom and will be staffed by a team of 3 with both nursery staff and either Miss Dulai or Mrs Haines so that this also supports transition ready for next year.


The children will be able to reengage with their learning and continue to build vital skills for their futures.

Each group of 10 will have a staff team that only works with that group.  This way we can make the environment safe for your children.  We are working on secure risk assessments using the latest advice and information so that at the point that we open we are confident the school we be as safe as it can be.

In the coming days we will send you an email and text to confirm when your child will be able to return to school.  In advance of this however we will send you a text to find out whether


  1. You want to use school when it opens
  2. You want more information
  3. You are not keen to use school at the moment


The staff team and I look forward to welcoming more children back to school so we can continue to help them grow and thrive.


If you have any questions please contact the school office team using office@stoke.coventry.sch.uk


Kind Regards



Mr Matthew Ascroft

Head Teacher