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21-11-15 - House Letter Update to Parents

Stoke Primary School

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Mr M Ascroft

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15th November 2021


Dear Parents and Carers


I am writing to you with an update of our school house system which was introduced towards the end of the last school year.  The children have played a huge part in designing everything to do with the house system from deciding the house names, designing the logos and creating the house songs etc. 


Being part of a house, gives them a further feeling of community and team spirit as they are not only working hard towards their own individual achievements but they are also working towards joint house goals such as collecting tokens to feed the token collector or winning the attendance cup.  Monday mornings begin with our house assembly where children enjoy cheering their team friends who have been nominated by their teachers for the Star of the Week award. All children who have been nominated are given a special sticker and the star gets to bring home the trophy for a week – you may already have had these brought home and the children are always so proud as they tell us about which family members or friends have seen the trophy or their sticker.


We have recently introduced house postcards and teachers are beginning to use these to send home where a special mention of brilliance is needed – keep an eye out for these coming through the letter box in the coming weeks and months!


We have already had some house afternoons and our next one will be this Wednesday – 17th November.  The focus of the afternoon will be activities around Health and Wellbeing and staff are busily preparing a huge range of exciting activities to promote this.  This will begin with our house lunch where children will be having lunch not in their year groups but in their house teams and this means that siblings or friends from other years may get to enjoy lunch together.  Children will work in their key stage house bubbles in the afternoon and I know that they will very much enjoy the activities that the teachers will have prepared for them.  Please keep an eye out on our social media page for photos from the day and remember to send your children in in their house colours on Wednesday. 


Thank you for your ongoing support.


Yours faithfully

Anke Brooker

Assistant Head Teacher