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20-10-19 Whole School Letter - Parent Consultations - Your Dates and Times

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19th October 2020

Dear Parents and Carers,

Following a successful trial by our Y5 team, we are rolling out our virtual parent meetings to all the remaining classes across school.

Some of you may have already been contacted with details of the meetings for your child’s class.

The dates for the remaining parent consultations:
RHH ~ Mrs Haines ~ Tuesday 20th October
6VN ~ Mrs Noone ~ Thursday 22nd October
RAD – Miss Dulai ~ Tuesday 3rd November
3PM ~ Mrs Maguire ~ Wednesday 4th November
6JJ ~ Mr Jennings ~ Thursday 5th November
4GB – Mr Bennett ~ Friday 6th November
6RM ~ Miss Morris ~ Friday 6th November
1SF~ Mrs Fletcher ~ Tuesday 10th November
2SA ~ Mrs Brooker ~ Wednesday 11th November
3KL ~ Mrs Lewis ~ Wednesday 11th November
4NB ~ Miss Burns ~ Thursday 12th November
2EC ~ Miss Collins ~ Thursday 12th November
1MB ~ Mrs Brown ~ Friday 13th November
Nursery ~ Mrs Lapworth ~ Tue 17th / Wed 18th November


In order to participate and book a slot you will require an active email address. If you know that the school does not have this please notify the office as soon as possible. Staff will set up the booking system which will, automatically, send out invites to your account.

A letter will go out, on the same day, from the office. All the information you need, to book a slot and attend a meeting will be contained in these.

You may receive contact from school, to confirm your email address, if we have any issues sending out electronic invites.

Invites and letters for the first three dates have been sent out. All other invites will be sent out at least three working days in advance.

We hope that you are able to join your teachers for an opportunity to discuss your child’s learning and development.

Kind Regards

Mr Joe Jennings
Deputy Head Teacher