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21-10-15 - Letter from Head Teacher - Attendance

Stoke Primary School

Briton Road



Head Teacher





Mr M Ascroft

024 7645 1724

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15th October 2021


Dear Parents and Carers,


This week we have seen a number of children arriving late.  This is very disruptive to both the start of the day for your child and the other children in their class when they walk in.  The gates are open from 8.40 to 8.55 which is plenty of time to make sure your child is in school.


We also continue to see poor driving and parking every day, which puts everyone at risk.  We are keen for children to walk and enjoy their journey to school.  We know that 85% of our community live within a 10 minute walk from school and we are keen to encourage as many families as possible to walk to school.


Developing Active Travel is a great way to give children a good start to their day.  We have put new scooter racks at the front of school and have a bike rack on site.  If your child is keen to come by scooter and this helps in making a choice to walk to school, then please do so.


I am aware that the end of the day routine is not working as well as it should.  I am looking into this and will be writing to you soon.


Please support us with your choice of travel and please make sure your children arrive on time.


Yours Sincerely


Mathew Ascroft

Head Teacher