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Year 3

Hi everyone!

Welcome to the new half term! 

I hope that you have had a wonderful half term week. We have been so lucky with the weather and I hope that you managed to enjoy the sunshine. Mrs Burns has had a lovely week doing up her garden and lazing by her pool!!   I have been busy tidying my  garden shed. I have also had a rest from knitting but have been doing some Diamond Art pictures which I will post below.

So, we are now into the last half term of the school year and we are working hard to reopen the school safely for some of the children.  It would be amazing if we could see you all before the end of the year and hear all of your lockdown stories.  We're living through a big part of history here and will all have tales to tell in years to come.

Mrs Laws baby is due in June and I will keep you up dated when I hear anything. 

 Our home learning project this week is all about Around the World. 

We hope that you will have a wonderful week - remember to keep active as well.   

Stay safe and we hope that you are all well too.

Mrs Maguire and Mrs Burns.

Diamond Art

Home Learning 1st June -Around the World

Half term holiday 25th-29th May

18th May

Learning Project - Famous & Significant People

Reading activities

  • Task your child with reading something unusual in an unusual place e.g. a cookbook in the bath. How many unusual places can your child read in this week?
  • Visit Ducksters and encourage your child to choose a person to read about. Ask them to create a fact file on their chosen person using facts learnt.  
  • Ask your child to read a magazine or newspaper article about a famous person. Ask them to write a diary entry from the viewpoint of that person.
  • Read through this book about famous artists together. Encourage your child to choose one of the artists and create their own inspired painting. 
  • With your child, take a look at this information all about Neil Armstrong, the first man to walk on the moon. Complete the quiz and test your knowledge!


Writing Activities

  • Visit the Literacy Shed for this wonderful resource on The Clocktower or take part in a writing masterclass using your authorfy login from last week. 
  • Tell your child to imagine that they are famous. What would they be famous for? Can they write a diary entry recounting the day’s events in role? 
  • Ask your child to find out when the NHS began. Who was the founder? Encourage them to compare the NHS then and now. Can they represent information on a timeline or in an information booklet? 
  • All famous people should earn £1,000,000 per year. Does your child agree/disagree? Ask them to have and write a discussion on this statement
  • Ask your child to use the words FAMOUS PEOPLE to write an acrostic poem about significant people in history.


Maths Activities

  • Watch this addition video and this subtraction video, which revise the column method. Generate calculations to practise at home
  • Challenge your child to use the Subtraction Grids to see how many calculations they can solve correctly in 2 minutes. Or try this calculation game.
  • Ask your child to think about these questions: What calculations can you create using the numbers 127, 111, 200, 28 and 65? Will you use subtraction, addition or both? Can you find the inverse to the calculations you write? 
  • White Rose Maths online maths lessons. Watch a lesson video and complete the worksheet (can be downloaded and completed digitally).



Home learning projects to be done throughout the week


Famous Fact Find

Find out about one or more Famous British People here. Ask your child to decide how they would like to present the information they have discovered. This could be a slide show, a poster or an information report about them. Can your child create a true or false quiz about their chosen person and test it out on the family during a games night? 


Healthcare Heroes

As the NHS plays such a significant role in our lives, ask your child to represent our amazing NHS staff with their own piece of artwork. This could be a painting, collage or even a collectable stamp of a famous medic e.g Florence Nightingale, Mary Seacole or Aneurin Bevan. Remember to tweet a photo of their artwork #TheLearningProjects.  


Sport Superstar

Watch an interview with Rod Ellingworth, a famous, British cyclist. Then go for your own bike ride as part of your daily exercise. Dont forget to wear your helmet. No bike? Then take a walk and look out for any cyclists you see. Recommendation at least 2 hours of exercise a week.


Family Matters

As a family, discuss the famous people that may have had an impact on their lives and the choices they have made about the jobs they have chosen. Talk about who has inspired them and why. Your child can create a family tree that illustrates inspirations and choices. 


Religious Role Models

Ask your child to find out about significant religious people, like Jesus, Moses, Muhammed (pbuh), Guru Nanak or someone else who is important to your family. What do they notice about these people? What is similar about them? What is different? Help! Record the similarities and differences in a table format or make a Religious Role Model mini-book. 

4th May


Hi year 3 


Mrs Burns and I just wanted to say that it was lovely to speak to you or your parents last week. I am glad that you are all doing ok but do just want to remind you about trying to do some home learning if possible. Below on this page is a whole selection of learning that you can do. I suggested that you could possible try to learn a new skill. I also told you that I was going to dust off my knitting needles  and knit some clothes for my first grandchild when she arrives. Over the Easter holidays I did this and will put some pictures up to show you what I did. Just like some of you said that you are missing school Mrs Burns and I feel the same but just want you to know that its ok to feel sad but that it wont last forever and hopefully school will open again soon!


Missing you all 

Keep up the home learning efforts!!


Mrs Maguire

Knitting creations

4th May Home learning SPORT

Reading tasks

  • Y3 Talk for Writing Home-school Booklets an excellent resource to support your child’s speaking and listening, reading and writing skills.
  • Encourage your child to read for enjoyment- perhaps in the garden for a change. Or complete some reading comprehension activities- here are some all about British female athletes.
  • Visit Worldbookonline eBooks using Username: wbsupport and Password: distancelearn. Search for the title Play Sports! and ask your child to read the eBook. Encourage them to complete the activities at the back of the book.
  • Research and read online with your child about The Olympics. Which sport/s would they like to try? Why? Write 10 facts about The Olympics
  • Listen to these BBC children’s sport podcasts. Or your child can look through newspapers/ magazines and list all of the sporting vocabulary they find.
  • Ask your child to read this extract from Quiz Whiz Sport. Encourage them to answer the questions on each page and record these in full sentences.

Writing tasks

  • Visit the Literacy Shed for this wonderful resource on The Catch. Or, your child could write their very own celebration song.
  • Ask your child to choose a sports person they admire. Get them to write a list of questions they would like to ask them. They could answer in role as their hero. Ensure your child uses a range of question words.
  • Your child could devise their very own sport, including rules, equipment needed and a scoring system. Why not test the sport out?
  • Encourage your child to continue this story starter (right of site) and write their own Underwater Olympics story using this picture as a stimulus.

Spelling activities

  • Task your child with choosing 5 sporting activities that they’re unsure of how to spell and encourage them to learn to spell them. Can they apply these words into sentences?
  • Practise spelling these words: myth, gym, Egypt, pyramid, mystery. Can your child identify the spelling rule? (The ‘ɪ’ sound spelt ‘y’ elsewhere than at the end of words).
  • Alphabetical order: List each letter of the alphabet and ask your child to think of a sport related word that corresponds with each letter.
  • Rainbow words. Choose 5 Common Exception words and choose different colours to write each letter and create rainbow words.
  • Proofread writing tasks from this week. Your child can use a dictionary to check any spellings that they’re unsure of using the first2/3 letters of the word.

Maths activities – position and direction

  • White Rose Maths online maths lessons. Watch a lesson video and complete the worksheet (can be downloaded and completed digitally).
  • Get your child to watch this video explaining coordinates and how to plot them using the x-axis first, then the y-axis.
  • Set up a treasure hunt in your home/garden. Ensure your child knows where the origin (0,0) is and ask them to take 4 steps to the right and 7 steps forward to find the ‘treasure’ at (4,7). Change your instructions so you are just saying the coordinate and children have to move to the position independently.
  • Ask your child to play Alien Attack using the first quadrant. Can they describe the positions of the alien spaceships? Then encourage them to play ‘Hit the Coordinate’ to practise plotting coordinates on a grid.
  • Set up a Times Table relay race. Can your child run lengths of a space and count in their times tables forwards and backwards?

To be done throughout the week

The project this week aims to provide opportunities for your child to learn more about sports and games. Learning may focus on the history of sport, sporting-heroes, physical challenges and performance.

Our Sport Heroes- How many famous sports people can your child name? Ask them to choose a sports person and research online about them. Can they find out how and when they started their career, or any other interesting facts about them? Encourage your child to create a timeline that details all of the achievements of their sporting hero.

Sports Logo - Ask your child to recreate the logo for their favourite sport team or design and create their own sport logo, perhaps for their school team. Your child could sketch this with pencils as an alternative.

Super Movers! - Encourage your child to take part in this football themed Super Movers! There are two levels - Super Movers are a great way to keep active and have fun! Try Go Noodle and dance along to one of their routines - there’s plenty to choose from and the whole family can join in! Remember to tweet a video of their workout #TheLearningProjects. Your child could design a poster encouraging others to take part in sporting activities. Ask them how they would persuade others to join in. What type of words could they use? Recommendation at least 2 hours of exercise a week.

Sharing Sport Interests - Encourage your child to ask different family members about their favourite sports and any sports they took part in growing up - were they a part of any clubs? Did they take part in any competitions? Did they win any trophies? They might find out something new about their family members! Following this, can your child use the information to write a newspaper report recounting one the memorable events? They could include quotes from the interview.

Powerful Paralympians - You could explore diversity in sport with your child. Ask your child to find out about the Paralympic games and famous paralympians such as Ellie Simmonds. How have these people overcome challenges to represent their country in their chosen sport? They could write a letter/email to a chosen athlete and ask them questions about their sporting journey. Or they could draw a detailed sketch of the athlete during a winning moment.

Body Facts or Body Fiction

Have a look at the body facts or body fiction worksheet here.

Use a ruler or tape measure to find out if your foot is as long as your forearm or your height is the same as your arm span. The complete resource can be downloaded here.


If your child requires more of a challenge, or you believe that there are some gaps in their learning then Century Tech is a fantastic resource that is currently free for home learning. The app is designed to address gaps and misconceptions, provide challenge and enables children to retain new knowledge. It uses artificial intelligence to tailor the learning to your child’s needs. Sign up here.

Primary online resources

VE Day

Supporting reading and Literacy

Week 4 - 27th April 2020

Hello Year 3,

We hope you are all safe and well and have been enjoying the sunny weather. We wanted to give you more activities to do, as it is important for you to keep your mind busy and continue to build on the learning and skills you have been developing this year.

As well as completing the activities below, please continue to play TTRS and go on Purple Mash.

We miss you all. Stay safe.


Mrs Laws

under the sea

under the sea

Hello Year 3 

I hope that you are all safe and well. I have been so proud to have worked with you in year 3 this year and just wanted to give you a bit of encouragement to continue the progress that you have made.

Please keep on reading - any book it doesn't really matter what it is  so long as you are reading. I will add some reading comprehensions to the class pages. Try practicing writing sentences using 'although' and 'if'. Keep up your times tables practice! Also try to learn a new skill. I am about to dust off my knitting needles and try knitting some baby clothes which I have not done for about 15years. I will post some pictures when I have finished.  

Thinking of you and your families

Stay safe 


Paula Maguire

Home Learning Week 2 - 6th April

home learning week 2 - 6th April (for those without word)

Hi Year 3


So, week 2 of school closure. We hope you are all well . We have spent the week working and doing some exercises. 

This week make sure you make some time to watch TV,  read some books and play.


We hope you are all getting on with your home learning packs. Remember, you should be reading and practising your times tables everyday.


It's ok to be feeling strange and not sure what to do with yourself which is why it is so important to have a routine.

The year 3 team have been working hard at home so please keep your eye out for new learning on our class pages and keep a look out on Face book for some awesome creative ideas . 

Joe wicks has been fun and we are looking forward to the punctuation programme tomorrow. 

Mrs Burns has been challenged to video herself singing to songs so hopefully she will share these when we get back to school. They are quite funny as she loves dressing up ! 



Have a great week, stay safe and get a routine going.

Best wishes , missing you all 

The year 3 A team (A= Awesome)

Hello year 3

Home Learning Week 1 - My family

home learning week 1 - My Family (for those without access to word)