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Librarians Trip to Hereford Cathedral - Chained Library and Mappa Mundi

What an adventure!! Today the Stoke School Librarians went to see some REALLY old books!

Our day started by getting a minibus to the train station and then getting two trains to Hereford, where we walked through the market square to the Cathedral! When we got there, we were greeted by William, who works at the Cathedral. He told us all about the Mappa Mundi - the first map of the world! He showed us where Europe, Africa and Asia was (no America, as it hadn’t been discovered yet!) I wonder if you can work out where they are on the map? There were lots of drawings on the map and William told us what some of them meant. He then gave us some facts about the Chained Library - there was a book that was 1100 years old and 227 books that had been written by hand! The Librarians did us proud and asked some really interesting questions. We were so engrossed by the library that we nearly missed our train home! Have a look at some of our photos and if you have any questions, I’m sure the librarians would love to answer them.