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Stoke Primary and British Values

British Values




Our STOKE values are celebrated and understood by our children and feed into the themes of Democracy, Rule of Law, Individual Liberty and Mutual Respect and Tolerance. These are the values that have been recognised as ‘British’ values and are taught through a wide range of experiences and opportunities at Stoke Primary School.


Stoke Primary school welcomes children from over 30 different countries. There is not one dominant country and we embrace the individual and unique experiences and values each child brings.




We encourage all children to realise that they are decision makers and can influence positive change.

  • Children are encouraged to reflect on their own and the choices of others.
  • Children are involved in daily collaborative tasks and are encouraged to be solution focused.
  • Children’s decisions are treated with respect.
  • Children understand they have rights as well as responsibilities.
  • Children are encouraged to be truthful.
  • Children are supported to make kind and positive choices and have the opportunity to reflect on not so positive choices.
  • Children are taught to be kind and empathetic and to consider how their choices reflect these values.



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Through our School Council groups

Through our Pupil Voice

Through our year 6 Business enterprise project

Through our community project work


Rule of Law


We encourage children to identify the difference between right and wrong, how to be solution focused and how to take responsibility for their actions.

  • Children see that there are rewards and consequences for their actions.
  • Children understand that we have rules to keep us safe.
  • Children are treated with dignity and respect and helped to make things right where they have made poor choices.
  • Children understand that there is always opportunity for a fresh start and are taught about individual responsibility to do this.
  • Children are encouraged to be empathetic.
  • Children are taught that no means no and stop means stop.
  • Children are taught the value of truth.


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Through our approach to behaviour management

Through our reward systems

Through our community links


Respect and Tolerance


We teach children to respect each other, their beliefs, cultures and views. We encourage children to empathise with different views and feelings and seek to understand each other showing tolerance for all.

  • Children are taught to respect each other and their views whether similar or different to their own.
  • Children are taught that everyone deserves to be listened to.
  • Children are taught that it is ok to disagree.
  • Our positive ethos enables children to develop their self confidence feeling part of the school community.
  • We actively promote kindness, courtesy and good manners.


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Individual Liberty


We believe everyone has the right to a safe and supportive environment where all know, understand and exercise their rights whilst respecting the rights of everyone else.

  • Children are encouraged to make good choices, celebrate truth and express themselves within safe boundaries.
  • Children are given opportunities to solve problems adopting a solution focused outlook.
  • Children are taught how to reflect, listen and express themselves with kindness and empathy.
  • Children are encouraged to be optimistic about opportunities and challenges.


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Through our residential and outdoor learning opportunities

Through our widening horizons programme

Through Forest School