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Autumn 1 - Shakespeare

In Year 6, we will immerse ourselves into the world of Shakespeare. We will explore Shakespeare's origins in Stratford Upon Avon and delve into the various settings of his plays. The children will map out these locations and trace the movement of plays across English counties. The highlight of this journey will be a performance of a Shakespearean play at the Belgrade theatre, developing their acting, dancing, and performing skills. For their chosen play, children will create a character portrait based on the characters personality and traits.

Autumn 2 - Rumble in the Jungle

In our 'Rumble in the Jungle' topic, Year 6 will embark on an exploration of the continent of South America. We'll dive into the diverse human and physical features, with a keen focus on the majestic mountains and rivers that define the landscape. Comparing and contrasting South America with the UK, students will unravel the geographical similarities and differences between these regions. Venturing into the world's varied biomes, we'll spotlight the tropical rainforest, specifically the awe-inspiring Amazon rainforest.


The journey continues as we explore the rich natural resources of South America, uncovering the intricate trade links that connect this vibrant continent with the rest of the world. Through this experience, Year 6 will gain a comprehensive understanding of South America's unique geography, ecosystems, and its global significance.

Spring 1 - Who Dunnit?

Embark on a journey through time as we delve into the intriguing history of crime and punishment. From ancient 'hues and cries' to contemporary crown court trials, witness the evolution of crime and its corresponding penalties. Pupils will gain insight into how different eras addressed crime and formulated appropriate punishments. Encouraging a nuanced perspective, children will contemplate whether crime has diminished over time with the introduction of new laws and punishment strategies or if it has taken a darker turn. We will also be visiting the National Justice Museum in Nottingham where we will further develop our understanding of the justice system today and take part in a mock court case. To complement our exploration, the children will engage in creating noir-style art through photography, mastering the noir aesthetic with techniques such as lighting, shadows, and framing to weave their own captivating 'Who Dunnit' narrative through images. 

Spring 2 - Icy Exploration

In this topic, Year 6 will be considering polar exploration. Firstly, we will be looking at famous polar explorers through the years, including those who were part of the race to be the first explorer to the South Pole. We will then compare the Arctic and Antarctica, looking at the location of both places and then similarities and differences of physical features. We will then compare two different biomes (ice and tundra) and look at the diversity between the two. We will look at the location of both, the physical features associated with both environments, threats from humans that the areas face and also te diversity of wildlife in each biome. Finally, we will finish our topic by creating a tool for a modern day polar explorer using CAD. The children will be given a brief to follow for their design, but other than that the design process will be down to them.