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Autumn 1 - The World Around Us

What a wonderful world! The children will begin the topic by exploring themselves, understanding how they have grown from a baby to now and what will happen to their bodies as they age. They will also explore where they live, the continent they live on and the seas surrounding it. They will learn how to keep themselves healthy including making a healthy meal. Once they have a clear understanding of themselves, they will begin to look at the world around them including animals, the city of Coventry, famous people from the city they live in, seasonal changes and the four corners of the UK. They will explore different food from the UK and listen to music. They will compare physical and human features of the UK and they will create a clay sculpture for one of these.

Autumn 2 - London's Burning

The children will delve into history, immersing themselves in the significant people and events surrounding the Great Fire of London. Through exploring artefacts and sequencing historical events, they will gain insights into the reasons behind the fire. Building on this understanding, they will craft a green screen interview, assuming the persona of someone from that time.


Expanding their focus, the children will examine the role of wood in house construction and its contribution to the spreading of the fire. Exploring various materials, they will analyse their suitability, paving the way for the design and creation of their own fire engine. This hands-on experience enables a comprehensive exploration of historical events while fostering creativity and critical thinking.

Spring 1 - Into the Deep

As we dive deep into our topic, the children will develop their previous knowledge of the seven continents and five oceans. We will navigate through the extensive world of marine life, where we will delve into the ocean's layers with a focus on the Mariana Trench, the deepest part of the world's oceans. Throughout this journey, children will build upon their knowledge of habitats and look closely at the ocean and how it provides the basic needs of a variety of marine life. The children will continue to develop their understanding of significant people and will shine a spotlight on Rachel Carson. Children will carry out research to evaluate the influence her studies have had on environment science today. During this topic, the children will get an exciting opportunity to visit The Sea Life Centre, allowing them to observe firsthand the wide variety of living organisms that inhabit the oceans.