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SQUIRT (Shush quiet it's reading time)

Each half term, the children are given the opportunity to share their favourite book with a child from another year group. This gives the children the opportunity to learn about new and exciting books, books that they might not have thought about reading before. Talking about books is so important as it gives the children time to summarise and discuss the books that they have chosen. Why they have chosen that particular book to share and time to talk about the characters and the setting. We've had some great feedback through pupil voice...


"It is nice to read together"

"I have enjoyed sharing ideas about the book and having some laughs"

"It has been nice meeting children you have not met before"

"I have enjoyed meeting new people and seeing what books they enjoy"

"I have liked helping them with new words"

"It's like reading with a sibling, but less annoying"