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23-03-10 Newsletter

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                                                                                                                                  10th March 2023

Dear Parents and Carers,


Thank you for working with us to keep the children safe in the snow. They have loved it and we have embraced the opportunity to play in it, learn about it and relate it to class topics where appropriate (in year 2 and 6, they are learning all about Arctic explorers so it was perfect!)


As per email letter, it is anticipated that school will be closed on Wednesday but will remain open on Thursday.


It has been a busy week and as always we thank you for working in partnership with us. Year 2 and Year 6 had the opportunity to learn from a real life explorer this Tuesday who is planning a bike ride all around the UK as his next venture! Lots of inspired faces and curious minds!


We continue to help the children learn to develop and understand the importance of our STOKE values; to be solution focused, truthful, optimistic, kind and empathetic. We regularly use these values to support children if they make poor choices in order to help them learn from their mistakes and strive to be the best they can be seeing there is always opportunity for a fresh start.


Attendance Results; Week ending 3.03.23 (children were rewarded on Monday 6th) This weeks results announced in assembly on Monday 14th ! You will find out next Friday!!


House Attendance Winners

Godiva (93.3%)

House Least Lates

Belgrade (1 late)

Class winners

King fisher (97.3%)

Daily 100% winners

Kingfisher (2 days) Hedgehog (1 day) Hare (1 day) Otter (1 day) Fox (1 day)

A reminder to all parent/carers that great punctuality and attendance leads to rewards and prizes for your child. Please help your child to be in school every day and on time. If it is your child’s birthday and they are in school and on time, they will now have a birthday treat! Please remember that birthday absence will not be authorised.


Stay safe in the snow if we get anymore and have a good weekend.  


Kind regards

Lucy Pater