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23-04-21 Newsletter

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21st April 2023

Dear Parents and Carers,


We have had a good week back following the Easter break. We were greeted on Monday morning with so many enthusiastic, smiling faces and this has continued all week as children have worked hard, challenged themselves, persevered, focused and explored.


We are encouraging children to be curious, to ask questions and be excited about the world around them. It is Earth day tomorrow so we discussed our wonderful planet and the role we can each play in looking after it. Planting seeds and trees, litter picking, showing respect to wildlife and doing our bit to recycle – thank you for supporting us with this.


Yesterday I took 10 children to Southfields Primary School where we worked with a poet and a teacher from Japan who taught us all about Haiku poems which reflect on nature, do not have a title and follow a syllable pattern. Here is one written by Kaytlin, Zuzana, Thomas.


Bright green grass swaying

Leaves moving swiftly in air

Cool ice cream melting


Flowing water moves down stream

Sounds and sights are like a dream


Summer has arrived

Birds are singing happily

Scent of vibrant plants


Watching trickling honeycomb

Feels and smells like outside home


A reminder to all parent/carers that great punctuality and attendance leads to rewards and prizes for your child. Please help your child to be in school every day and on time. If it is your child’s birthday and they are in school and on time, they will now have a birthday treat! Please remember that birthday absence will not be authorised.



Kind regards

Lucy Pater

Deputy Headteacher