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23-11-07 Lockdown Drill Letter

Stoke Primary School

Briton Road



Head Teacher





Mr M Ascroft

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7th November 2023

Dear Parents and Carers,


Lockdown Drill

We hope you have all had a good break over half term. We are all re-energized for some great topics this term building up to Christmas.


As a school we hold regular fire drills for the children so they can practice evacuating the building should the need arise.  It is also important that we start to hold Lockdown Drills should we have an unusual circumstance such as dangerous dogs in the vicinity, a cloud of toxic gas in the air, an intruder onsite, or should a member of the school community bring a weapon into school.  The Lockdown procedures are designed to keep schools safe in a range of emergencies.


We are aware that the Lockdown Drill will be a different feel for both staff and children compared to a standard 'Fire Drill'.  I will be discussing the process with the children this week and next in assembly after which we will go through the Lockdown Drill with them so they can start to get used to it and understand what is required. We do not practise the Lockdown Drill as a 'surprise' and we aim to make the practice as positive and collaborative as possible.


All these steps are carefully designed to make Stoke a safer place for everyone.


Please be reassured that this new drill is not due to any known threat to school, it is a natural process of improving school safety should a risk arise in the future.


Thank you for your ongoing support.



Mathew Ascroft

Head Teacher