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20-07-13 Welcome to 6VN

Stoke Primary School

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Mr M Ascroft

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To the new 6VN,


Hi all! What a strange way to welcome you all to your new class! Miss Ashford and I are so excited to get to know you all and start the final journey of your Primary School life. Year 6 is always an exciting year and we have so much to look forward to over the next year - I know it will fly by! We have so many exciting topics to study, books to read, places to visit to help us with our learning and of course we are starting off with our trip to Dol-Y-Moch. I cannot think of a better way to start off the best year! If you want to come and your parents haven’t yet signed you up then make sure they let me know so we can get It sorted. You will not regret it I can guarantee that. This will be the 14th time I have been to Dol-Y-Moch and I am still as excited as ever!


We would normally have had a day to get to know each other and answer the many questions children always have about coming into Year 6. As we don’t have this, I hope I can answer some of your questions before September so I have set up a padlet that you can use.

The link is https://padlet.com/stoke_primary/dkwrvql515fzxz8f

or you can scan the QR code directly . You can add any questions you have here and I will try and answer them for you. Remember to read other people’s questions first though in case the question has already been asked.


Make sure you enjoy your summer holiday before we start back in September – hopefully we will get plenty of sunshine to enjoy being outdoors and having plenty of fun. Use the time to spend time with your family, make memories and have adventures! But I would also like you to find and read a book that you can bring in to class in September to recommend to your classmates. For some of you I know this will be easy and others a little more difficult but there are over 10,000 new children’s books published every year so I can guarantee there is something for everyone out there!


I look forward to welcoming you into 6VN in September ready for a year of fun, working hard and growing yourselves as a learner and a person.


Your new teachers

Mrs Noone Miss Ashford