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Stoke House System

All children at Stoke are allocated to one of our four houses with all siblings from a family on roll being in the same house team.  The children played a huge part in designing everything to do with the house system from deciding the house names, designing the logos and creating the house songs etc.  Being part of a house, gives the children an extra sense of belonging and connectedness in addition to belonging to a class and a year group.  They work hard not only towards their own individual achievements but also towards joint house goals such as collecting tokens to feed the token collector or winning the attendance cup.


Our school week begins with our house achievement assembly where children find out which of their class and house friends have been nominated by their teachers for the Start of the Week award and the reasons why.  All children who have been nominated are given a special sticker and each house star of the week gets to bring home the house trophy for a week.

House postcards are also being posted home where a special mention of brilliance is needed - keep an eye out for these coming through the letter box in the coming weeks and months!


House afternoons have become a regular part of our timetable with the latest one having taken place in November.  The focus of the afternoon was activities around Health and Wellbeing and began with a house lunch where children got to have lunch with their house friends and, for some, with their siblings. 


Information about house events can be found here and photos of our events can be found in the gallery.