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School Council 2023 -2024


I would like to introduce our school council for 2023-2024.

Our School council have been voted for by their peers. Children gave their votes, which were counted and verified by the class teacher.

                                                            What we do!

                      We listen! 

                                                                                              We discuss!

                                        We communicate!


                                                                         We respect each other!



Autumn Term.

 Introductions:   (Plans for Team building)

 What can you as a School council Representative build to the School Council?

 Our Hoodies have arrived (Very excited children).

 Trip to Coombe

 What did we learn, what was important ? ......



Coombe Abbey Friday 15th December

Unfortunately we had to cancel our arranged trip in November.

We have re-arranged it for Friday 15th December, we plan to leave about 10am complete team building activities, have our lunch and maybe a hot chocolate.

Then we will return to school just after one.



Please make sure your children are wearing appropriate clothing for the weather, it may be muddy.

If you asked for a packed lunch previously, one will be provided.

I think the children will love it.






The children had an amazing time at Coombe.

They completed the orienteering, working together as a team.

Although very cold, the children enjoyed a well deserved ice-cream. smiley


Coombe (Orienteering).

   Happy New year


   The School Council have already been very busy collecting ideas on how we can improve their time at       school,  they have been given some amazing ideas.

   Mr Morrow has reliably informed me that he has already made an order consisting of some of the   suggestions gathered by Panuel.  So, Thank you. smiley


   The children were invited to plant new trees around the School Grounds, which they will be naming       with   pride. What an amazing memory for them.



  We have been talking about "Waste", our school appears to gather a huge amount of it. Paper, foil,   plastic, wrappers, cartons and an awful lot of food waste.

 Myself and the School Council watched an incredible article involving "Rob Greenfield" who   demonstrates  just how much we throw away. He is known for raising awareness for sustainability

 issues using attention grabbing tactics.


  I wore all my trash for 30 days | Rob Greenfield | TEDxUCLA (youtube.com)I wore all my trash for 30 days | Rob Greenfield | TEDxUCLA (youtube.com)



    The School Council are going to be sharing plans for "Waste Week" in assembly on Monday 5th       February.

   Please below:


  5th February 2024

  Thank you, School Council for sharing the information about "Waste week". You were amazing!

   It will be interesting to see exactly how much "Waste" is collected and how and if we can reduce it.

  We cannot wait to see MR Ascroft in his outfit made of rubbish.